(Little Loves 2015) *no 34*

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
(Anyone else sing that or just me?!)

The temperature has dipped, the trees are bare, the woolly hats have started to come out and the Christmas decs are out of their hibernation! Here in the Tanswell house, preparations are slowly underway, with a little elf friend being sent our way ready for Tuesday…….we’re a little bit excited and that’s just me and B, Little B doesn’t have a clue!

This week i’ve been loving Postmodern Jukebox, vietnamese duck and the start of our Christmas preparations.


You know things are bad when the only thing that springs to mind in this category is the Argos catalogue 😬


It’s nearing the end of term which usually means exams and or shows. This time round both. This week I’ve watched mock exams (where I wrote so many notes I went through 4 pens) , drama pieces, Panto rehearsals and private lessons! It’s been pretty full on!


Postmodern Jukebox is a band that has only been brought to my attention this summer and if I’m honest I haven’t listened to much, but I love the idea of playing modern pop songs in different ways. I have an adv 2 tapper going in for her exam in Feb/March and we have decided on this version of All about that Bass as her exam dance!
I’ve been listening to it for ideas!


Little Bs clothes are getting so small for him his grandad asked why I’d brought him in shorts and a crop top the other day!
I’ve been holding out to see what he gets for Christmas and his birthday in January before going crazy but it seems like the next size up
is becoming a necessity!
I even got his feet measured today to realise they’d grown another size!

Seriously when do they stop growing?!

 He’s now in 3-4 clothes and feet size 9F –
he’s not 3 till the end of January!
I’m not ready for him to grow so much!

Anyway his grandparents brought him some really cute bits from Matalan! I didn’t manage to get a photo of him in anything yet but this Christmas light up jumper is a hit -amazing!




Christmas stars for our preschool display but I am definitely going to be making these for my house! I didn’t believe my friend when she told me how easy that are to make, but they really are!

Ok I can’t really take credit for this one!
Whilst I watched strictly and wrote blog posts on Saturday night B slaved over the most amazing Vietnamese duck braised in spiced orange juice!   

 And lastly 

  Yesterday I got out all my Christmas Decs! We’ve agreed not to put them up until next weekend but I wanted to have a look at what we had, check we had some fairy lights and that they worked etc before buying anything else!

I have however sneaked out the merry Christmas card holder and  pine cones that have a frost scent (my living room now smells like christmas-eek) as well as getting some copper star fairy lights for our bedroom and a grey/red snowflake runner for our dining room table!

Ok holding out for another 10 day is going to be tough 🎄🎅🏼

  (The runner is hiding behind my dippy eggs)

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6 thoughts on “(Little Loves 2015) *no 34*

  1. mumreinvented says:

    How cute is that jumper! i have the same problem with my little one, his birthday is Christmas Day so I’m holding out buying him new clothes until then as he always gets loads as presents but his trousers look like ankle swingers at the mo! I’m trying to wait til next weekend before putting the tree and decorations up too, wonder if one of us will break and ‘accidentally’ put it up before! Have a great week x


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      I know totally in love with it! Can’t wait to see him in it 🎁 yep the ankle swingers are out in full force and he keeps pulling his sleeves down 😬 we’ll have to see what the week brings re Xmas decs I keep looking at them x


  2. Memeandharri says:

    I love the Christmas jumper how cute. The snowflake is fab, I remember making them when I was younger but have no clue now! Oh I can’t wait I’m putting my decorations up this weekend I’m far too excited to wait! X


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