(Ordinary Moments 2015) *No 35* Saturday Nights

In the past a Saturday Night might have consisted of getting all dressed up, doing my hair and make up, putting on a pair of killer heels and heading out to a bar with friends for a drink and a boogie.
Now it tends to consist of a glass of wine, a lovely meal cooked by B (tonight Rick Steins Vietnamese duck braised in spiced orange juice), writing this blog post and Strictly Come Dancing.


Being a dancer, people expect that I’ve watched Strictly for years but last year was my first time I watched it religiously.
Me and some friends have a little Facebook chat about what we think of each routine as it happens. It’s a real giggle!
I’ve never done ballroom so its not my forte,
but i love the fast performance based numbers-salsa,
tango and charleston especially.

Tonight I’m sat burning my vanilla and oatmeal candle enjoying a glass of Yellow Label and about to eat my Duck.

I feel at home, safe, relaxed (something I haven’t felt in a little while if I’m honest) and realise that although I love to catch up with friends and a night out is always fun, this is where i belong.

I’ll feel refreshed enough to play with my little boy before 7am tomorrow.


I’m also enjoying spending my night
looking up Christmas Decorations and Gift Ideas.
With less than 5 weeks till the big day I’m thinking of all the gifts I can enjoy watching my family open, the decorations we can fill our new house with on our first Christmas here and the first one I think LB is going to fully understand.
B wants to go full out.
There was me thinking classy, silver and he wants to go crazy with lights and tinsel and in his words ‘go chintzy’ and you know what
I’m going to let him.

You can picture it all now right?

I’m starting to get excited and am loving flicking through magazines and websites and am so full of ideas i don’t know where to start.
So far i have one book for LB and today got my cards.
Apart from that zilch!
I really must get a move on.

So right now  I’m going to go back to my relaxing and give my husband
an extra snuggle.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Thanks for reading x

Ordinary Moments - MummyDaddyMe

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