Christmas Present Ideas

Father Christmas,

I promise I’ve been good this year…..
Ok Ok theres been a few naughty moments but…..
Its been a tough year at times and as always we push through.
I have everything I want in knowing my family and friends are safe and happy but a few little bits under the tree would put an extra smile on my face and if I had a choice these would be mine.



As a theatre lover, tickets to a musical would go down a treat
and any of the above are on my most excited list!


  • Loving this light box from Violet and Percy (I have also seen it in a local shop Daisy’s recently)
  •  Bare Minerals make up.  This is the stuff i wore for my wedding and suits my skin really well but I have come to the end of everything recently.
  • Ipad Mini by Apple. We have an iPad at home but i rarely get a chance on it anymore with B using it as a TV in the kitchen and LB nabs it all the time.
  • One Year Subscription to Oh Lilla Magazine
  • Grey Pom Pom Essie Poncho from Style Heist

I wonder who’ll take note…..nudge nudge wink wink!


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