Living Arrows 46/52

What is it with Supermarkets putting little cars and aeroplanes in their foyers?
This must be the bain of every parents life when shopping with kids.This week I needed to run in the supermarket for 4 things-yes 4
and i think we spent more time in the foyer than we did grabbing the food!
Luckily LB seemed happy just sitting in it and pretending,
I managed to shift him before the mum next me put the £1 in for her son, otherwise we may never have left.IMG_0631

Living Arrows

6 thoughts on “Living Arrows 46/52

  1. bubbablue says:

    Ha ha, I have the same issue. I just tell N i have no change. Although the other day he wanted to use his own money and I had to promise him he’d be better off going to the toy shop…he came home with a robot grab hand instead!


  2. Sian | The Mama Story says:

    Ha yes! I think I’ve been quite lucky with my two so far (well the little one is only 18 months so still time to prove me wrong) in that they love climbing in these but seem to bore of them quickly. I always say I don’t have any money!

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