(Ordinary Moments 2015) *No 34* Lazy Mornings

I’ve been really enjoying some Lazy Mornings this week.
I haven’t been feeling 100%, pretty sure I’m fighting off the start of a winter cold with a sore throat and tiredness
and am also a little stressed out with Work stuff, a huge to do list and the fact I’ve done nothing for Christmas just yet.
So although LB has been starting our day by 6am all week
we’ve been snuggling on the sofa in our PJS, till we really have to get up and get moving.Hearing the news from Paris and everywhere else around the world this weekend saddened and angered me
and made me want to hibernate, even more than the dreary weather.
It’s impossible to comprehend what on earth makes someone believe that killing anybody is the way forward,
be it for revenge, hate, fear or love.
I have no ideas what goes through their minds, it scares me.
The hit on what is seemingly the centre of love and romance, hits even harder
and the fact that it is so close to home.


I have noticed LB has wanted to be at home a lot more the last few weeks.
He loves to go to Nanny and Grandad’s but is desperate to go home when B picks him up,
not even allowing him to sit down for a cuppa with his parents.
When we are out and about he’s constantly saying ‘I want to go home’.
I’m not sure if this is him not enjoying the colder weather, feeling like he spends so much time out while we’re at work or whether he just wants some time with his mum and dad, to play with his toys and cuddle up watching a film.

IMG_9127So often it is me or B at home with him.
We can be a bit of a tag team, spending a lot more time as a 2 than a 3.
This weekend B went out early Saturday and then I went into town to sort my phone (no answers)
and go to the supermarket.
Then Sunday I was out the majority of the day at Ballet exams and Panto rehearsals
and this is going to be similar for the next 4 weekends.
I’m however the one that gets up with LB first thing and we enjoy some fab cuddles and his new thing ‘snuggles’.
He thinks snuggles are like eskimo kisses and every time i ask for a snuggle he rubs his nose against mine giggling,
and it makes me so happy.


I love our lazy mornings with him squished up against me, holding my hand, resting his head on me or playing with my hair.  Playing little games with his toys or him ‘making me dinner’ which is usually oranges and bananas that he puts in the oven
and amazingly washes our plates up afterwards.
Often I think i should be ‘being productive’ with my time
but when i get lost in these moments i realise how important they are and how happy they make us both.


I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend
and wish you lots of luck at plodding through that to do list next week-I know i need it!

Thanks for reading
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4 thoughts on “(Ordinary Moments 2015) *No 34* Lazy Mornings

  1. mummydaddyme says:

    Ah lovely post Gem and I agree, I have been feeling very much the same as you recently. I love being at home and snuggling with my little family and getting my house all tidy and cosy. The Paris attacks made me want to even more so and so today we just stayed in and cuddled, did silly jobs around the house and above all counted our blessings. x


  2. Memeandharri says:

    I have felt the same this weekend sad,angry,confused,scared. So many families heartbroken and lost. It makes me want to keep my family close and never leave the house.

    I love morning snuggles there is nothing better. Good luck with the to do list! x


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