(Little loves 2015) *No 32*

This week has flown by and I’m pretty sure all of them in the lead up to Christmas will too!
With 4 more weeks of work and exams, rehearsals,
Christmas parties organised and participated in by myself and a weekend of Panto
to get through first i’m not sure when my head will go to it all,
but I’m ready for the family time, the slightly slower pace and snuggling up with my boys more!

This week has been about Banana Loaf, Rizzoli and Isles and Colouring


10 Christmas Traditions to start now Blog Post from Louise at Mum of Boys.

This is about as much as I’ve planned for Christmas and looking up Elf on the Shelf details
as this is something I like the idea of this year.
This is the first year LB is going to realise whats going on and I want to make it extra special!


The season 6 half finale of Rizzolli and Isles on Alibi.
Obviously left on a massive cliff hanger and now I’ve got to wait until some point next year
when the season apparently continues.
I love Tess Gerritsens books with the characters of Rizzoli and Isles and was thrilled when they brought out a series.

Strictly Come Dancing.
Last year was my first year of watching it regularly and me and a few friends have a chat about it over Facebook as its going on.  Giving our own critique and opinions.
Its my Saturday night routine now!

Looking forward to a bit of Children in Need tonight too.
B can watch the football while i kick back and take some time to myself, and probably end up an emotional wreck.


The piano guys.
I’m completely in love with their chilled out sounds and how they mix classical and pop music so well.
One of my students is doing this for her next ballet solo and I can’t wait to start choreographing.



The Christmas Socks came out on Tuesday.
After an awful Monday I thought i needed a pick me up!


The hats and gloves came out for firework night on Saturday too.IMG_0529I’ve definitely been looking at a few new outfits, and adding them to my Christmas List
from a friends clothing website, Style Heist.


Banana loaf from Levi Roots Reggae Reggae cookbook.
So easy and so tasty, it was gone in a day!


Chorizo, Chickpea and Spinach soup which is a Jamie Oliver recipe and one of our winter staples.

And lastly 

I’ve been feeling quite stressed and overwhelmed this week so have been doing some colouring!
You can’t really think about much else when you’re trying to colour in the lines and create something beautiful
and it’s helped me to take a little time to just breathe!


Thanks for reading and I hope you’ve had a great week x


8 thoughts on “(Little loves 2015) *No 32*

  1. Morgana says:

    How cute are those Christmas socks?!
    I really need to get myself an adults colouring book, I’m always ‘helping’ the girls with theirs and I think they’re getting quite annoyed by it, haha! xx


  2. Mummy Hearts You says:

    That music piece is wonderful! Will be looking for some more of them.. I am tempted to buy an adult colouring book! I think Moo will pinch it off me though! Have a wonderful weekend #littlelove


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