(Ordinary Moments 2015) *No 33* Work Life Balance

The last few weeks (ok probably years) I have been struggling with the work life balance!
In fact I’m not even sure it exists!

So many people talk about it being elusive
and it seems to be something a woman, especially a mother strives for on a daily basis
yet annoyingly I believe always struggles to achieve.
If you’ve found it please let me know-i want to hear all the details!

i find it hard to switch off completely.

Little B has said to me a few times over the last month ‘Mummy put your phone down’…… Ouch!

I’m either focussed on admin work, advertising, this blog and sometimes just addicted to social media (yes I admit it)
Instagram is my new addiction-I’ve been through Facebook and Pinterest too!
And still love them all!

I use Facebook for Personal use, my school, B’s business and my blog now (with my lonely 25 followers)


My phone gets a lot of use yes……camera, emails, social media!
Not all of it is me just mucking around i’m usually working too!

Owning a sole trader business myself, having a part time employed job
(that takes me over 1.5 hrs to get to when dropping LB off first),
being the wife of a self employed hubby, mum and with the hope of expanding our family,
I realise that finding the time or energy to do it all is tough!

Recently I’ve been feeling anxious from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep!
That feeling in your chest/tummy that won’t quite go away, but I can’t work out its reasoning or purpose.

I know the grass is always greener scenario can give this image of others having a perfect life
and wonderful opportunities and I know I shouldn’t be but sometimes I get jealous!
I try and remind myself frequently that the majority of us are all bumbling along in the same way
with an ever growing washing pile, to do list and wishing we had more money, time and energy!
That we are all very much in the same boat!


I know how lucky I am to have a business I love (I just wish I could put more into it to make all my dreams come true).
My family are my world and I want to spend time with them without my brain being elsewhere thinking/worrying about stuff.

It seems impossible to give everything 100% of me!
It’s hard to except that sometimes you’re best will have to be good enough.
B always says to me if you do your best then noone can ask anymore!

My answer is almost always ‘but what if my best isn’t good enough’

He answers ‘Tough’

‘What if I could have done it better’

‘Cut yourself some slack woman’

He is probably my biggest cheerleader!
Or at least someone to slap me about my head and tell me to get a grip,
which you know what sometimes Is soooo necessary!

A work life balance is different to everybody and you know what since I’ve had LB my version has obviously changed!
I’d like to spend more time on the life part now!
In the past my business was my baby and I would happily spend evenings and weekends slogging away at making it something amazing, but since having LB I feel guilty for working too much for not being 100% present and need to leave the emails etc while in his presence or I’m going to seriously start missing out.

Ideally I would be able to leave my part time job (currently financially necessary) and be able to stay at home during the day working on the admin side of both mine and B’s businesses to build them.
LB will be starting preschool in April and it’s my dream to get to here by about September 2016.
I feel like this might bring a little more balance.

I also find when I’m at home that I feel we should be going out more, doing activities, making memories,
getting things done around the house and when we have a day very much like yesterday when we slob about,
‘achieving nothing’, I feel guilty!
But you know what ……..
LB loves being at home, playing with his toys and getting time with mummy and daddy
as he spends so much time during the week with grandparents.
He’s a real homebird and when we are out he quite frequently asks to go home!
Including at the fireworks last night!
I relish sitting on the sofa with a glass of wine blogging, reading or catching up on some TV and
B loves being at home watching football, chilling on the sofa and cooking up some fab meals.

I’d love to get rid of the guilt but then who wouldn’t hey!
I feel like my main focus needs to be on cutting myself some slack!

I feel a new years resolution coming up!

Knowing what is important
(and being better at time management)

Ordinary Moments - MummyDaddyMe

2 thoughts on “(Ordinary Moments 2015) *No 33* Work Life Balance

  1. mummydaddyme says:

    I definitely think that life sometimes seems greener on the other side, but you sound like you are doing amazingly Gem. I would love to own my own business, I mean I do now, but you know what I mean. A proper business. You sound like you juggle so much and no wonder you are anxious sometimes. But you should be really proud of yourself. I think we all struggle with the same things sometimes whatever we do- we are all just doing our best to be the best mums/career women/wives/friends/housewives/etc that we can! x

    Liked by 1 person

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