(Little Loves 2015) *No 31*

This week seems to have flown by so quickly.
I don’t really know what happened to be honest.
Its now only 7 weeks till Christmas. I really must get a move on.

This weeks little loves are Halloween, Go Set a Watchman and students performing.


I finally finished Go Set A Watchman and yes I gave myself a high five and jumped around a little.
It was a fab book but I’d been reading it for so long I was starting to loose the plot slightly.


B is now trying to get me to read one of his books.
He likes true life and usually about drug smuggling or gangsters, hooligans etc
and I’m just not sure how I’m going to handle it but I’m giving it a go for him.

Starting off easy, with Bear Grylls Facing Up, about him climbing Everest.


Brother Bear.
Little B didn’t seem to keen but as we had started it, I put it back on when he went to sleep
so i could find out what it was all about.
I loved it such a beautiful story about truly thinking of others.

I also watched this video, it completely tugged at my heart strings.


The vocalist on this video is an ex student of mine.
When I saw this on his Facebook page this week I felt so unbelievably proud!

I love hearing and seeing my students performing, even more so when i know they continue to do so as the grow up and that somewhere along the line I was the one to inspire and develop their talent!


We went to a Halloween Party at B’s sisters on Saturday night.
Little B had such a giggle trick or treating with his cousins and friends
and we enjoyed some fab food, drink and company while getting dressed up for the occasion.



We rarely get a family photo and I’m totally loving this one I even joined in with the link Me and Mine this week with it.IMG_0389


Chicken filled with cheddar, topped with parma ham and little rosemary and garlic roasties. IMG_0499

Hot Chocolate with whipped cream.  This seems like a little weekly routine now!

And Lastly

I’ve started thinking about Christmas, Ok if I’m honest I’ve been thinking about it for a while.
I really love Christmas, even more now LB will understand a bit more and
we’ve been rehearsing panto for 9 weeks already so its hardly surprising.
The big thing is that I’ve not really written anything down or got anything organised and certainly haven’t bought anything yet.  The weeks just seem to be flying by though and its going to be upon me before i realise it.


Thanks for reading x


2 thoughts on “(Little Loves 2015) *No 31*

    • gemslittletreasures says:

      I’m really excited too but haven’t sorted anything yet-really must get a move on! 🎁🎄 haven’t got a recipe as such I just cut a chicken breast in the middle (not quite all the way through) put cheddar in (a lot as it melts out) and then layed on top or wrap in Palma ham! X


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