Things I’m Loving Lately (October)

Where is the year going?
October finished and here we are on Bonfire Night….
Now we only have 2 months left till Christmas and the end of 2015.



Ok you can hardly call these fashion
but man have i been loving getting cosy and christmassy with my slippers that my parents in law bought me last year!

IMG_9831-0When your husband notices there is a hole in your trainers and goes and gets you a new pair!
A definite keeper I say!
I’m usually a Nike Girl so was a bit bemused by his Adidas choice but they are so comfortable,
unfortunately not even remotely waterproof and I just have to walk through wet grass to get damp toes!

IMG_0126Loving putting my NorthFace Gilet on daily.
This was a Christmas Pressie form B last year and comes in so handy this time of year.

IMG_0118My River Island Boots.
They are getting really old and battered now but still so comfortable-they must be about 8 years old
so think i might need to start looking for a new pair.


Reminiscing about our trip to Disneyland last October!

It was such a magical time for both me and Little B, so many happy memories made.
Meeting all the characters, exploring Paris, standing under the eiffel tower, eating from patisseries (trying my first macaroon)IMG_1245IMG_1418

Half Term
It was so lovely to have some time off with my boy after 7 weeks of running around for work.  We took our time and just saw where the time was going to take us.

Baking was a new and fun experience I had with my boy.
He loved licking the bowl and for a non baker i was quite impressed with our attempt.
This is definitely something i want to try and do more often.IMG_0353


I’ve been looking around for home decor ideas as I was hoping to get some done before Christmas however time and finances don’t seem to be on our side.

Some of my loves are from the Luna Collection at Asda


Also loving the Christmas Decorations at Country Baskets and I am lucky to have discovered one at the bottom of my hill.



I’m linking up with the lovely Emma over at LifeAtTheLittleWood

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