Living Arrows 44/52

This week has been Half Term and as this post goes live,
we’ll  be back into the swing of our last 6.5 weeks of work for 2015.

It has been so lovely to take things slow with my boy this week.
We made no plans and just woke up each day and let the day take us where we wanted.

Sometimes that was for a playdate, sometimes to the park.
We baked and played cars, read books, watched films, made leaf collages
and went out exploring on an Autumn walk, kicking the leaves, then came home and warmed up with a hot chocolate.

This was a first for Little B and he was so excited.
He ate the cream with a spoon and then tried to do the rest of the drink the same way.
Letting him know this was a treat and that he couldn’t keep having ‘more’ was a bit of a challenge,
but I can’t wait to see his face light up the next time.

IMG_0244-0Living Arrows

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