Me and Mine-October

I think getting a picture of your whole family once a month is such a lovely link up idea!
I get plenty of photos of me and Little B (all selfies) and then me and B, or B and Little B but so rarely altogether.
I have watched other bloggers do this and felt so touched, watching their families grow and have really wanted to join in
and as we took such an amusing one on 31st October I thought why not now!IMG_0402

On Halloween we all got dressed up and went to B’s sisters for a Party.
We took the Little ones out Trick or Treating and then came back to the house for a Party.
BBQ Food, Morrelo Cherries and Prosecco, buckets of sweets, music, dancing and they had gone full out with the decorations.
It was so much fun and Little B was completely in his element.
I got an inkling of what its going to be like at Christmas, as he pointed out everything and really got into the spirit of it all.

In normal style we left our fancy dress costumes to the last minute.
Luckily owning a dance school comes in handy and I went off to my storage unit
and dragged out a wig, mask, cloak and some props for me.
Little B had a little pirate outfit my nephew had grown out of – he wasn’t keen at first but later on
he refused to take it off and wanted to sleep in it.
B however left it till an hour before.
When he went off shopping at 3pm on Halloween you can imagine his difficulty.
When he came home with a Minion onesie, I laughed so hard and Little B thought it was hysterical and kept squealing.
My husband says he hates stuff like this but secretly I think he loves it!!

I love him for making me laugh and really putting himself out there to make Little B so happy.


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