(Little Loves 2015) *No 30*

This week has been Half Term and I hope you have all had fun with your kids
and hopefully enjoyed some time out.
I’v had mixed feelings,
I’ve not fully been able to relax and have wanted to just be lazy with my boy.

This weeks Little Loves are …

Harry Potter, Giving Blood and Vanilla Cupcakes.


Still plodding along slowly with Go set a Watchman but have also tried to read a few more blogs this week!
I really have been slacking recently on keeping up with everyone, even my faves!
It seems I’m struggling to find the time to get anything done at the minute.
Nothing is getting my full attention and I need to address this.

One of my favourites was KA’s Hot Chocolate Post.
This was something that we indulged in this week and I feel maybe a winter favourite
when we come in from a walk or when busy in town.



On Sky on demand they have all the Harry Potter films at the minute
and I know B isn’t interested so when I had an evening that I’m usually working and B was busy
I stuck on Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince as I didn’t think I’d seen before!

I really want to see Spectre too as I know so many people that have been to the cinema this week.
Its had mixed reviews from what I’ve read (from my friends on Facebook)
but still would love a night out with a good film and some popcorn and B.


(Photo Source)


On Wednesday I went to see a student perform in an Improvisation section at a dance festival.
Her music was a little crazy but the group after had this track.
Uninvited by Alanis Morisette.

As a teenager one of my favourite albums was Alanis Morisette Jagged Little Pill
and this track was one i found shortly after that phase.
I did a ballet/lyrical dance to it once with my adult dancers.

I loved hearing it again!



  My plaster with pride!
I gave blood for the first time this week and wrote about it here!


Vanilla cupcakes with Little B.
I am a self confessed disaster in the kitchen and although my general cooking skills have got better over the years
my baking certainly hasn’t and it’s been something that I’d love to be good at but am too scared to try.

This week I decided as a little Activity for me and Little B to enjoy when the rain set in
we would make and decorate some cupcakes.
He’s a little bit OCD and wasn’t keen on getting even remotely dirty (I wiped his fingers about 1000 times)
but he did like to get stuck in at trying the mix and wasn’t happy we had to wait for them to cook!


They didn’t look that great but I feel i can pat myself on the back about the taste!
They disappeared rather quickly too.

And lastly

I can’t believe we’ve hit the end of the Half Term and as always I feel like I haven’t achieved anything.
This is a weakness of mine-I have a dream of how everything should be and beat myself up when it doesn’t all come about.
I really seem to struggle to relax and take time for each thing.
Living in  the moment!

However when I think about what my half term has consisted of its been about me and Little B.
We’ve played cars and trains, been to the park, been on walks collecting leaves to make pictures,
made cupcakes, had a playdate.
Then I’ve given blood, watched a student perform at a festival, had a few hours to catch up on paperwork,
watched films, read some of my book!
I should appreciate the break! B says this to me all the time.
I need to take note of this more often!

 Thanks for reading x


12 thoughts on “(Little Loves 2015) *No 30*

  1. coffeeworksleep says:

    I really want to see Spectre too, just need to try and find a babysitter!
    Well done you on giving blood, my husband did it the other week and really made me think that I need to do it too (even though needles are not my favourite thing in the world!) xx


  2. Jenny @ Let's Talk Mommy says:

    Wow look at your baking, giving blood and all you have been up to for half term. That’s great and I hope you had a lovely halloween too. It’s nice to have chilled out time with family too during half term. We had a quiet one that was very needed too. Lovely round #littleloves


  3. Louisa says:

    You have packed quite a bit into your week. Well done on giving blood! I used to donate myself but after a transfusion I am no longer able to. I am so grateful to whoever donated the blood I used! xx


  4. Mummy Hearts You says:

    Not heard that song in years!! Gosh what a throwback.. How are we at the end of half-term already?!? Its flown by! Have a wonderful weekend xx


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