(Ordinary Moments 2015) *No 31* Babysitting!

This weekend has been about helping other people!
I love to have a busy weekend as well as loving some time at home chilling with my family.
Saturday we spent at my best friends new house helping them move furniture and unpack.
I’m rso pleased for them getting on the property ladder,  and yes a little jealous but so happy to see them in their own place where their relationship will grow and I may be able to call myself Auntie Gemma again at some point!
She’ll kill me for saying that!

 Saturday Night we looked after my niece and nephew for the first time!
They are 5 and 2 so yeah it’s taken me a while!
Added to little B I had 3 under 5 and i have a new respect for parents with more than 1 child.
Seriously even with me and B it felt like a juggling act trying to keep everyone entertained and happy!

We made pizzas for dinner followed by Neapolitan Ice-cream that disappeared quicker than lightening.
Everyone went to bed happily and without a problem until it actually came to the sleeping part.
They all slept or didn’t sleep all together in Little Bs room, they didn’t sleep till gone 10 and then one or the other of them was awake at 11.30-12.30-2.30 and 5.30.  I certainly needed the 3hour nap Sunday afternoon.


In the morning I went to the park with the littlies
while A got some PlayStation time with his uncle!
He loves boy time and had been begging B to get up and playing with him early!


When my sister came to pick them up they were actually sad to leave which i took as a compliment.
I’m not sure how quickly we’ll be inviting them back but it was fun!

Sunday afternoon was all about the chill time, me and LB did end up having a 3 hr nap before our roast dinner!
Then me and B cleaned up the house ready for the week ahead!
Its amazing what a little bit of teamwork for an hour can do and I feel ready for the week.
Albeit a lazy cuddly one for me and LB as its Half Term!

I’m going to go with what he wants-if he wants to cuddle on the sofa and watch films or go to the park,
whatever, he’s got me all to himself!

Ordinary Moments - MummyDaddyMe

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