(Little loves 2015) *No 29*

Hey everyone hope you’ve had a great week?!
Half term is officially here! Woohoo!!
What are your plans?!

This weeks little loves have all been about
Singing, Little Bs imagination and Baby News


I’ve been getting a little bit of reading time in at bedtime this week
but still only just half way through Go Set A Watchman.

One of my 14yr old students said this week about what I thought was a huge book
-it’s the kind of book you can just sit down and read in a day!
Man I miss that!
I’ve only read 1.5 books in over 6 months and I love to read.


Some beautiful pregnancy announcement videos by Charlotte and Katie!
I’m so happy for them Both-it’s such a special time and such lovely ways to announce!

If you haven’t seen them take a look!

Katie at MummyDaddyMe

Charlotte at Write Like Noones Watching


The sweet sound of half term calling!
Can you tell I’m excited and desperately in need of some RnR.
Is this possible with a toddler?!

As well as some ex students singing beautifully at our Cinderella ball last Saturday!
It was so wonderful to see them back up on the stage singing together!
Dedicating a song to me, making me cry!


Little Bs imagination coming to life. At home, in the car, at the park!
It normally goes along the lines of the Paw Patrol coming to save one of the many Thomas the tank engine figures
that he’s miraculously learned names of, without ever watching an episode!


My new Adidas trainers!
B came home with them last night after noticing that my current trainers were falling apart a bit!
I’m usually a Nike girl but am loving how comfortable these are.

Man he can be thoughtful sometimes!


I’ve also been wrapped up warm, out for Autumn walks, kicking the leaves with my little man!  

One of my favourites that we haven’t had in so long…
Gammon, Egg, pineapple and Chips!

And Salmon, Mashed Potatoes, Courgette and Homemade Chilli Jam. 

I always have such good intentions for this section (on the crafty side rather than food)
but everyday life seems to get in the way, or I let it!!
I really must make more of an effort to follow through on all my ideas!
There are so many ideas running through my head as well as 1000’s pinned on Pinterest.

And lastly

It really felt like Autumn yesterday.
Me and Little B spent a windy morning at the park, kicking through leaves, taking turns on the Zip Wire and giggling away!



Thanks for reading x

4 thoughts on “(Little loves 2015) *No 29*

  1. Louisa says:

    Every bodies baby news is making me a hormonal mess! My daughter has the same trainers as you and says they’re very comfy. How thoughtful for you oh to get you them. You pictures of your dinners has made my mouth water, gammon, eggs and chips is super tasty. Have a great week x


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      I know I’m super broody! There’s definitely something in the water 😃 ooooo am I down with the kids with my new trainers?! By the fact I just said that obviously not 😬 there’s so meals that are so simple and so great x


  2. Jess @ Catch A Single Thought says:

    That’s a lovely photo of the two of you … I think it has definitely felt more like autumn this week too, even though I’d rather it stayed warmer just a bit longer!


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