(Ordinary Moments 2015) *No 30* An Autumn Walk

Everything seems a little hectic at the minute,
I don’t know whether its this term in particular or the fact that its getting darker earlier, making me feel like my days are even shorter or whether Im putting added pressure on myself.
I’ve been feeling completely bogged under and never finding the time to get everything done.
The to do list is taking over my A4 Pukka Pad and I’m starting to panic.
I know at this point I should just get my head down and plough through it all
but sometimes i just get completely overwhelmed and end up staring into space, wanting to cry!

This weekend was no exception from the busy schedule.
Dance class and a friends studio open evening on friday,
Saturday, Cinderella Ball preparation and set up followed by the big event.

IMG_9941I was going to drive however crazily decided it would be nice to let my hair down and have a drink.
4 am and i was still giggling with ex students at a friends house drinking Gin (I never drink Gin).
Ouch to my head the next day!!
Luckily i wasn’t needed for panto rehearsals which is my normal Autumn Sunday afternoon,
so we were meeting up with friends and my sister in law to walk the dogs.
Now I hoped this was going to blow the hangover away but it did much more than that.




A 2 hour + walk with my best friend and her new man, my sister and bro in law and 2 nieces and my little family.
We walked along the river chatting, catching up.
Watching the dogs go crazy digging holes and chasing each other and
Little B kicking leaves, jumping in muddy puddles and picking grass for his Auntie LauLau.



We then stopped off at a pub and had lunch by the fire (Little B’s Uncle shared his Guinness)
and then when we got home i had a hot shower cuddled up on the sofa with a blanket
and watched 3 hours of Strictly Come Dancing.


Although I certainly didn’t feel raring to go Monday morning as I was still exhausted,
I certainly felt refreshed and I know this is something we really should do more often.

It blew some serious cobwebs away, being out in the fresh air with people I love.
This is an Ordinary Moment that will definitely be taken advantage of more often.

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2 thoughts on “(Ordinary Moments 2015) *No 30* An Autumn Walk

  1. mummydaddyme says:

    Having some fresh air definitely helps you blow out the cobwebs, it looks lovely. And how busy are you? No wonder you feel a bit bogged down, it sounds like life is hectic! x


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