(Little Loves 2015) *No 28*

Hey everyone! I am really excited to be linking up for the first time over at coffee work sleep repeat as today is the official change over day for Morgana. I hope everything has gone smoothly and I’m so looking forward to having a look around!

This weeks little loves are studio success formulas, hot chocolate and hedgehog rolls.

 Absolutely Nothing! How boring!
I flicked through the Argos Christmas catalogue-I certainly wouldn’t call that reading! Ha!


More business videos focussing on my dance studio and the ways I can move forward and progress!
Apart from those literally nothing!
My brain is totally fried but I’m inspired and motivated!

When I was still doing them at 11pm the other night and B was off to bed, I was so grateful to receive this put next to me!

Hot chocolate, whipped cream and sprinkles-now that’s love!!


Little B playing alone, telling little stories.
His imagination has gone wild this week.
He loves paw patrol and has been using his cars and figurines to act out little scenes and it’s so adorable to listen to.
He’s never really been one to take himself off and play, always wanting me there but this week he’s been entertaining himself so well, I’ve even had time for a hot cuppa and a sit down at times!


(A cuppa over cleaning up all that mess-yes decision well made I think)


My fluffy slippers and North Face gilet! Not at the same time……actually maybe once or twice!
I’ve been feeling the chill and this week I must say we did turn the heating on! Brrrrrr



As I’ve really made nothing this week I’m going with the hedgehog bread rolls from preschool!
I really want to try them at home now-they smelt great!

Actually just remembered as it was B’s birthday yesterday I cooked him steak and chips!  
And Lastly

This week seems to have gone past in a bit of a blur-I’m exhausted and my brain is filled up with ideas of how to build my business, what I want to do in October Half Term, Christmas ideas and general day to day craziness!
Best thing about this week has been that Little B seems to be behaving a little better. Either that or we are becoming pros at diffusing the terrible twos tantrumming! He’s eating better, using the potty better and playing so nicely on his own-his imagination has gone wild! And so has mine with all this free time! It’s amazing what you can do in a spare 5 mins when you’re not arguing with your toddler!

So here we are linking up with Morgana at CoffeeWorkSleepRepeat for the first time.

Thanks for reading x


6 thoughts on “(Little Loves 2015) *No 28*

  1. Not A Frumpy Mum says:

    Your slippers look so warm and cosy, very jealous and what a sweetie to bring you a hot choccie before bed. Definitely a keeper. xx


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