(Ordinary Moments 2015) *No 29* 32 months

Little B is now 32 (and a half) months .
In 4 months I will have a 3 year old!

Seriously where does the time go!
I remember finding out I was pregnant,
the joy of feeling that first kick and even more so when B felt it too
and the day Little B was born, feels like it was yesterday!

That feeling of contentment as I put my hand on my pregnant tummy,
watching him sleep in those first few days not wanting to take my eyes off him
and waiting for every milestone with baited breath!

Now he’s no longer my baby – he’s just told me so!
As I put him to bed tonight I said ‘night night baby I love you’
his reply was ‘I’m not a baby mummy’ growled quite fiercely in my direction!
A little part of me just died!

IMG_9672 IMG_9561

Little B has us in hysterics daily, he also pushes us to the end of our tether!
The defiant, independent terrible twos hit a while back and he’s a feisty little monkey,
who knows exactly what he wants and with most people gets it-except with mummy!

I just wanted to take this chance before Christmas and his 3rd year hits, to talk a little about what he’s like now!

Some of his favourite phrases at the minute are…..

On Sunday

I think


Stop shouting at me ok?!

I really really need that

I’m sorry mummy/daddy

What’s in there? When he knows full well


I can’t

Come and play Daddy!

What you doing?

His own little words which are just too cute…

Thats be-licious

Plonkers (conkers)

Emolade on toast (marmalade)

It’s ACBC time

His Favourite TV programmes are….

Paw Patrol
seriously until about a month ago i’d never heard of this, now he’s addicted!

Though Thomas the Tank Engine has started to creep in too.

And he loves watching American people opening and playing with toys from the above shows on You Tube.

Little things he does….

He wants to shut every door all the time

If he doesn’t like what you’re telling him he just says ‘I need to go to sleep’ and starts snoring or says ‘I’m a little dizzy’

Potty training is still a bit of a struggle but we are getting there


Favourite food


Bread or Toast


Cucumber and Tomatoes


Favourite toys

Marble Run



So many memories already made and so many more to come.
I love my little family and Its so wonderful to see our little unit develop and grow and the love between us all blossom.
I can’t picture our lives without Little B now and I know it has made me and B even stronger.
Hopefully at some point in the future we will extend our family even more and i can’t wait to live this adventure together.


As they say, the days are long but the years are so so short.
Savour every minute especially the Ordinary Moments!

Thanks for reading x

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6 thoughts on “(Ordinary Moments 2015) *No 29* 32 months

  1. mummydaddyme says:

    I think that posts like this will be so lovely to look back on when they are all grown up. It is such a gorgeous age isn’t it? LL is just the most delicious, delightful little girl at the moment. And I love plonkers- so cute! x


  2. sherry says:

    Such a sweet post. My little lady is 3 next month. I cannot believe I’m saying ‘next month’ already, it goes so fast doesn’t it? J’s favourite saying is “I need you” when she wants some attention, affection or even a glance in her direction #TheOrdinaryMoments


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