Things I’ve been Loving Lately (September) 

So September has drawn to a close and Autumn is officially kicking in!

The fresh crisp mornings, the clear days I am loving!
The rainy downpours not so much-the wellies have been out for some puddle jumping! 

I feel like September is a second January.
With the start of the academic year, it’s the time to stick in some resolutions and think about how to start a fresh.
I’ve thought about what I might like to achieve, what i could change and what I have loved…


My beauty regime is very basic but this month I’ve brought a few bits to make my hair work better!!
Completely know why people swear by Baptiste dry shampoo now!
I’ve been trying not to wash my hair too much as the colour fades so quickly and this has meant being able to put my hair up without it looking so greasy and not wash it for a week
And it smells great in the tropical flavour!

I’ve also been using Lee Stafford Shine Serum to give my hair a nice shine and smooth down all those fly away hairs.
I used to love the smell of Lee Stafford hair products as a teenager
and it took me back using another of his products after so many years. 


I wish I had a full length mirror because I can never get a decent picture of a full outfit!
I’ve recently brought a few loose fitting tops in Primark.
They look smart and casual and have been ideal for feeling comfortable
but adding an extra layer as the weather has got chillier.


Little B has had a few pairs of new pyjamas from H & M and they have been a great fit for my tall skinny dude!
I personally love the print on the monster ones but he loves Minions (or Zero’s as he calls them).



We have started to get some bits and pieces for the house in order to decorate.
I have a dream of getting a lot done by Christmas but this may be a little ambitious.
I felt like in our little flat, that we lived in for over 9 years,
we never really reached the grown up, sophisticated look I now desperately want.
We have been discussing colours for each room and I’ve been checking out lots of different home decor items.
I could spend a fortune for sure.
I have brought some bits of lighting for our bedroom this month, that i have been looking at for ages
and then finally couldn’t resist.
Really looking forward to getting more done now!

IMG_8845 IMG_8847


All of the above are from Sainsburys.


We tried a new Chinese restaurant we had been recommended with high hopes but nope unfortunately a disappointment!

Two unplanned, made up meals by me this month were our Mediterranean style lunch and sausage and vegetable pasta.


I’m not usually that great at throwing together meals.
I can do recipes but never sure at what to put together when making it up! B is great at this though!
However this one was a huge success, even Little B ate it and thats saying something at the minute.
This was literally a what leftovers do we have and throw it all in job!
Cabbage, tomatoes, runner beans, carrot, stock, sausage, pasta and then grated cheese on top and baked!


I am linking up with Emma over at LifeAtTheLittleWood for her Things I’ve been Loving Lately post.

4 thoughts on “Things I’ve been Loving Lately (September) 

    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Loving copper at the minute. I was desperate for these light fittings and so happy now they are up! Can’t wait to really get decorating-loving all your up cycling I have a few things to paint etc to fit in with our new decor! I’m loving the linky too-Yey for Emma’s fab idea x


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