(Ordinary Moments 2015) *No 28* Compliments

Compliments are not something I ever believe, and i wouldn’t say I receive them very well.
My husband is wonderful at telling me how much he loves me and how great he thinks I am
but frequently i shrug my shoulders and ‘meh’, dismiss his lovely words!

This week however I have noticed compliments coming my way and they have boosted me.
i haven’t dismissed them I have said Thank You and taken them onboard.
I wouldn’t say they are a regular Ordinary Moment, but this week they have come fast and have made me smile from ear to ear.


Compliments are not something I believe many people accept or take onboard very easily.
I think we generally focus on the negative or our weaknesses rather than the things we are great at.
We can see the amazingness of other people and could list others strengths,
but when it comes to ourselves, it seems more complicated.

This week I chose not to shrug off kind words and would like to say Thank You to everyone who made me smile x

The lady with the blue hair is my favourite

At Pre school this week we were saying goodbye at the end of the day and one of the mums came over to me and said
my son says your his favourite by the way!
Apparently Nan and Grandad had asked if he was enjoying preschool and did he have a favourite lady.
His reply was ‘the lady with the blue hair!’

You’re a great dance teacher

This week I had a new student and I heard through the grapevine that she had said she thought i was a fab teacher,
who got down on the floor and really showed them what to do and that she’d thoroughly enjoyed her trial lessons.

Can I have ID please

A bottle of wine at the supermarket turned into me wanting to kiss the cashier.
She asked for ID and I said what really? She said we do have to look for over 25 but you look amazing!

Mummy you’re so pretty

I got out of my PJs this morning and got ready to go out and these were Little B’s words.

You look gorgeous in that photo

I changed my profile picture on Facebook and the comments i received were wonderful.
So many lovely comments about me looking great.
I’m blowing you all cyber kisses x

I love our life

This is something my husband says a lot and this week i chose to believe him!

I love you, be careful ok!

These are the words Little B used when he waved me off to work from Nanny’s door.
Tears filled my eyes!

I hope this post doesn’t sound smug, not my intention at all.
It shocked me to have such lovely things said to me and about me
and I realised how much I usually shrug them off, not believing I’m worthy of the kind words
and actually how many times i say things like this to people and expect them to take it onboard,
knowing full well that i don’t normally.


I would just like to say to everyone out there…….

You are beautiful, you are inspiring, you are unique, you are special, you are whatever you want to be.

Ordinary Moments - MummyDaddyMe

Linking up with Katie at MummyDaddyandMe for the Ordinary Moments x

2 thoughts on “(Ordinary Moments 2015) *No 28* Compliments

  1. mummydaddyme says:

    Aw I love this post Gem, I am very like you and I don’t tend to believe compliments but it is true that if we take them in and absorb them they can make us feel a million times better. My favourites are if someone else compliments the behaviour of my children- that makes me smile from ear to ear! x


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Thanks Katie 😃 I’m trying to take things onboard from now on as it really perked Neil and you’re correct they are the best compliments though with the terrible twos in full force, apart from his impeccable manners the rest of little Bs behaviour is shocking 😁 x


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