(Little Loves 2015) *No 26*

Hey everyone I hope you’ve had a lovely week.
We are 4 weeks in to the Autumn Term and 3 left until Half Term.
Is it bad that I’m counting down to a little rest and some family time? I feel like I’ve hardly seen my boys!
Its always a little tough to get back into it all after the long summer.
I’m enjoying being back at work and into the routine but the body clock would still like some lazy days.


I love reading Emma’s posts and her Things I’m loving Lately posts and Linky are great for recommendations
in Beauty, Fashion, Home and Food.
I joined in last month but am struggling to find the time to pull together the post this month
hopefully I will get the chance over the weekend.


B tagged me in this on Facebook this week and it was such a fab watch to remember that failure is not a bad thing.
That if you don’t fail, then you’re not even training!
I have a big fear of failure so this hit me right where it hurt – but in a good way!


Now this to me is not something i usually notice, or accept, but this week it has boosted me!
‘My son says you’re his favourite at preschool,
she thinks you’re an amazing dance teacher,

you look gorgeous in that photo,
do you have any ID?’

This week I’ve been smiling and saying Thank You!



I am seriously boring in this category! It makes me a little sad!
I rarely buy anything new and i spend my weekdays in yoga pants for work and then jeans and jumper for weekends.
I also enjoy spending a lot of time i my PJs.

I love looking at everyone else’s fashion on blogs and Instagram and wish I had something exciting to showcase.


I made it to 6 months blogging.
I wasn’t sure when i started whether i was going to enjoy it, whether I’d be any good at it or whether anyone would read!
I hit 6 months with exactly 600 viewers.
Thank You x


And Lastly

Autumn has arrived!
I’m loving the weather this week. Sunny but a little crisper.
The leaves are falling and turning that beautiful orange and everything feels great!

IMG_9566 IMG_9567 IMG_9568

Thanks for reading x why not head over to Morgana’s blog and check out everyone else Little Loves for this week x


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