Today I have been blogging for 6 mths.
Where has the time gone?
From an avid reader of some of my favourite blogs, to commenting on their posts and writing in my own little cyberspace.

I have gained followers on Facebook, Instagram and WordPress and written 82 Blog posts. 

I started this as a way of finding a hobby or output for me and being able to store memories!

So far it has done much more, the following 6 things being the top of the list.

1. Made me more creative with my photography
(however also made me take a few too many selfies, get my camera out at many meals and become addicted to Instagram!)

2. Made me feel like I’ve got a little space of the world
just for my memories and the fact that people actually want to read about them, like and comment is amazing!

3. Inspired me!
There are so many lovely bloggers out there that I have been following,
who have the most amazing taste in home styling, fashion and some that make the most amazing food, crafts
and go on what look like spectacular days out!
Sometimes I can feel a little ordinary in comparison but I feel inspired to do more!

4. Made some online acquaintances.
I’m not sure I can really call them friends as such but there are some lovely bloggers that comment and like regularly
and I’d like to think that one day we may be able to call ourselves friends.
(my autocorrect just made friends=fried steak!! Awkward!)

5. I have gained some amazing recommendations for books, films, recipes, beauty, fashion
and it has made me want to step outside the box.
I wish I had the time or finances to do so a lot more but I enjoy looking and then googling and dreaming!

6. Maybe one day I’ll become a blogger who writes reviews and collaborates with people, but for now I’m having a lot of fun just writing and joining up with linkys and feeling part of such a Fab community!


I want to say a huge Thank You to everyone who comes along and likes or comments here.
It means a lot to me x

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