(Ordinary Moments 2015) *No 27* The To Do List

What is a woman without a list hey!
Written on paper or electronically, or both knowing the majority of us,
it’s our way of keeping track of the seemingly millions of things we’ve got to do, or remember! 

I have a work list, home list, things I wish I had time to do list!

Some things get passed over week to week but I still really want to do them (one day).
In fact why is it always the things i WANT to do that get passed over rather than the things I NEED to do!


The lists seem to grow even when you tick something off, I so rarely get to the end I just end up writing a new one.
However I do love writing something on the list that i have already done just so i can cross it off.

Get Dressed✔️
Eat Breakfast✔️

Woohoo-Go ME!

I also have a bucket list!
Things I’d love to do before I lose the ability to.
This is what prompted my 32&32 list which I’m supposed to be doing a 6mth update on soon
but I really don’t think I’m much further, if at all from the 3mth update. Basic RGB

A list of places I’d like to visit in the the world.

Ways i’d like to decorate the house.

Crafts id like to make!

Blog posts I’d like to write.

Courses I’d like to do.

My lists are endless -another reason I love stationary so much!

Paperchase List Heaven

This week my head has gone into Christmas (I know sorry-still over 12 weeks to go)
and my next list seems to be ideas for presents, decorations,
and things I’d like to do for Little B to make the season extra special,
as this is probably the first year he’ll actually understand it all.


So I’m off to Update my weekly to do list,
tweak my colour schemes on my home decor list
and add a few bits to my christmas list
with a smile on my face!

Thanks For Reading x

Im linking up with Katie for

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4 thoughts on “(Ordinary Moments 2015) *No 27* The To Do List

  1. mummydaddyme says:

    I love a good list too but I am always really unorganised and never end up ticking anything off my list! I have so many unfinished lists in my phone and in different notebooks! xx


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