(Little Loves 2015 )*No 25*

Tarzan, Crazy Weather and Chips.

Anyone else been a little fed up of the weather this week?
Sun, Cold and Rain and I haven’t had a clue what to wear! Its been such a mix.
I really don’t mind cold and sunny but wet and dull I’m not keen on.
It really dampens my mood!
I’ve also had little sleep due to Little B and a late night Saturday that has caught up with me a bit
and am now looking forward to a bit of a chill out from midday today!


I am working my way through Go Set a Watchman, a lot faster than I did To Kill a Mockingbird.
I’m trying to get into bed earlier on a nightly basis and have a little read.
Some nights this works and I get at least a chapter read others i’m asleep after page 2 and i have to reread the next night.

I picked up a couple of books my mother in law was taking to the charity shop the other day,
including JK Rowling The Casual Vacancy, but when i’ll get round to them i don’t know.
I have a huge reading list.


Tarzan the Disney Movie.
Funnily enough this was the first time I’ve ever watched this and i really enjoyed it.
Little B however fell asleep, didn’t stop me enjoying the cuddle and watching to the end.


I was also sent the Hells Club Movie Mash Up on Facebook and I can’t believe how clever it is!


I’ve been listening to a Lyrical/Contemporay playlist on Spotify that I’ve been using for teaching recently
and its lovely to hear some songs and artists i honestly have never heard before.


A real mix of things to be honest.  The weather can’t really make up its mind.
Last Saturday i went out in jeans and boots and was roasting by midday
and then Sunday i put on flip flops and loose summer trousers and was freezing.
Can’t really make up my mind at the minute.


I’ve been wearing my hair back under a hairband recently as the more i wash it, the more the colour changes.
Ive been trying to hide the greasy hair until i really can’t anymore and also using Batiste dry shampoo,
which i now appreciate why everyones been going on about it for years!


Homemade Chips to go with our Burgers but i must be honest B has been doing most of the cooking this week.


I’ve made a start on a new course to help build my business.
A lot of digging deep i feel is coming on.
Im only on Module 1, lesson 2 and I’m already a little bit EEK!
But it’ll be fab in the long run!

And Lastly

This weekend we have friends coming over and we will be chatting about their wedding in Barbados in 2017.
I really can’t wait to have a catch up and see what plans they have already
and hopefully we’ll be going too, once we know more details we can plan.

I wish you all a happy weekend and Thank You for reading x

I’m linking up with butwhymummywhy and lots of other amazing bloggers for our Little Loves.


5 thoughts on “(Little Loves 2015 )*No 25*

  1. butwhymummywhy says:

    I know what you mean about colour fading when you wash it! As a hair dye version I didn’t know and my blonde highlights have practically disappeared already! Trying to wash it less, Batiste is such a lifesaver isn’t it? xxx


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