(Ordinary Moments 15) *No 26* Going Out Out

As you get older and start a family the idea of ‘going out out’ appeals less.
Not because you don’t like the idea of getting dressed up to the nines, putting on a pair of killer heels,
some lippy and dancing the night away but more the issue with the early morning wake up call.
Someone jumping on your head at 6am after only crawling into bed at 3am is not something to look forward to.

The last two weekends i have gone out out, with friends.
Unfortunately without B as we haven’t had a sitter-we still rely heavily on family for overnight or evenings out
as we haven’t found a babysitter that we could call on (not that we’ve been actively looking).
I don’t like to ask grandparent very often, as they look after Little B so much during the week.

Last weekend I went to a ball with friends.
We all got dressed up, decorated our table as a Wizard of Oz theme,
ate ‘posh picnic food’ that we’d all brought along, drank prosecco and danced the night away.
I got chatted up, I sang my heart out and then had the pleasure of staying out the night.
So the 2am bedtime was teamed with a 10.30am lay in.

Last night I went out for my mates birthday.
I was planning on driving but then ended up leaving my car, heading into town,
drinking way too much, eating chips on the high street and not getting to bed till 3am.
Thanks Little B for the 7.30am lay in but wow am I exhausted now!

In the past I have partied all night, every night…… in fact one of my friends who i lived in Tenerife with
posted this on my Facebook wall recently saying it reminded her of us!


I have lived and thrived on this behaviour (in my early twenties) but now one night out knocks me out for a few days.
All I’ve wanted to do this afternoon is lie on the sofa
(difficult when Little B thinks that crawling all over me and sitting on my head is the activity he loves the most)


For me I now love my weekends at home with my boys.
My nights in, in my comfies, chatting with B, watching TV and usually getting a reasonably early night to read my book!
Having the energy to get up early and play with Little B.
Potter around the house, get things done that didn’t get finished (or sometimes even started) during the week
and enjoy some family time!

Going Out Out is still fun but not something for every week anymore!

I’m linking up with Katie at mummydaddyme for her Ordinary Moments link x

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One thought on “(Ordinary Moments 15) *No 26* Going Out Out

  1. gemslittletreasures says:

    I know it’s so crazy! I used to say to B come on why do we never go out he said babe when you hit 30 you’ll understand (he’s 7 yrs older) and now I’m in my pjs at 8 (ok 7) at the weekends and just want to chill!! Oh well as long as it makes us happy hey?! X


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