(Little Loves 15) *No 24*

Happy Friday everyone!
And thanks for coming along and reading my Little Loves for this week!As I said last post I was about to have a manic weekend and it certainly was!
I was exhausted by Sunday night (Fair, Ball, Panto Rehearsals) and then of course Little B had an awful night sleep and by 4am on Monday morning i was sitting on his bedroom floor in tears.
Anyways onwards and upwards as i thought for a busy work week and this weekend onto
2 performances at Kop Hill Climb (a vintage car event local to us) and more panto reherasals)



I finished ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’
Horray I hear you all cheer, only took about 4 months!
By the end though I was glued to it and couldn’t put it down.
I could have sworn I read it years ago but you know what I remembered nothing!
Either I really didn’t pay attention in English or I’ve got it completely wrong!

IMG_9327 So now the first chapter of ‘Go Set A Watchman’ has been read and I’m eager to get into that!


Lots of You Tube Videos as I tried to find some music for our show next March.  Think this may be a common activity until all is chosen-we are doing a selection of stories so lots to find!
This being one of them that we are using for a dance I’ve started with my adults.
It got me all excited thinking of costumes and how i wanted it all to look.


A fab live band last Saturday night at a ball with friends!
They played a real selection of music including some numbers that reminded me of my teenage years
(like this one …… N-Trance-Set You Free) and we danced all night!


I got all dressed up for the ball, a maxi dress and heels (that turned to flip flops rather quickly) and my hair all curly (and blue)
but apart from that it’s been a few of my new long sleeved loose fitting tops I’ve recently brought
that are so comfortable yet look quite smart!


Chicken breasts and butternut squash with chilli, oregano, nutmeg and a little double cream.
So simple, so quick and so tasty!



And Lastly 

Theres been a lot going on over the last few weeks and this quote has kept me going!
Keep remembering that its all breathtakingly beautiful!


Thanks for reading x

I’m linking up with all the lovely bloggers for their LittleLoves


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