Autumn Loves

My ‘Spring loves’ back in April and ‘Summer loves’ in June were obviously joyously chatting about the prospect of better weather and getting outside more, however as we hit September we are going into Autumn and the cooler part of the year.
As always there is something great about it though.


Here are my Autumn loves

* Wrapping up in layers
I layer up generally anyway due to being uncomfortable with my weight,
but in the Autumn it makes me feel cosy and no one thinks I’m crazy!

* Watching the leaves start to turn that gorgeous orangey colour
Driving around seeing the seasons change before my eyes is so picturesque
and makes me want to get my camera out even more.

* Whipping up warmer recipes
BBQ and salad are great but its lovely to come home and tuck into comfort food such as
soups, shepherds pie and toad in the hole.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows
Hands wrapped around the mug, warming your fingers and that sweet sugary taste! Yum!

Halloween and Bonfire Night
Firework night is one of my favourite nights of the year. The colours.  The crisp evening.
We haven’t taken Little B to a Display yet but maybe this year will be it
-most years I’ve been working, so I’m hoping we can organise something.

Putting your wellies on – Jumping in puddles and kicking fallen leaves
This is more for Little B but I have a feeling this is going to be a big part of our Autumn this year.

Wrapping up for a Cold crisp walk – Hats scarves and gloves
Putting your layers on, wrapping up warm and walking.
Feeling the cold on your cheeks, watching your breath and coming home with a red nose.

Duvet days without the guilt
Ok we had a few of these over the summer when we just wanted to stay at home or it was bit rainy
but i felt like we were wasting our time a little but as the nights draw in, I find these type of evenings feel so nice and cosy
and feel a lot less guilty about enjoying them!

I’m hoping for crisp weather with clear blue skies.
 I still feel positive and bright when the weather is like that…….I’m just begging for less rain! 

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