(Little Loves 15) *No 21*

This week has been a little quiet in comparison to last week
but it has meant some chill time with my boy which has been lovely!

This weeks little loves are and Rizzoli and Isles, The farm and Toad in the Hole!


I have been reading to Kill a Mockingbird again, after a little break and am now over half way (just).
I am enjoying it and am desperate to finish it but it seems my tired brain can’t focus for very long anymore.
I fall asleep way too quickly.
The last few books i have read have been really easy reading and i’ve got gripped, but i’m just not there with this one.
I thinking i’ve been reading it for about 3 months-bad Gemma!



B has been reading and working late a lot,
so I’ve been sitting back and catching up with some of the programmes i like, but it doesn’t matter if i don’t watch all the time like Rizzoli and Isles and Castle.



Animal noises from both the animals and Little B.
We spent the day at our local farm last Friday with a friend.
It was planned at the last minute and the day was beautiful.
Sun shining, fab catch up with my friend, feeding animals, sheep racing, watching the circus,
mini golf and water and sand play.
Little B didn’t want to leave!




My new pineapple joggers that B bought home for me the other day.
It so nice to be treated and with something so comfy-perfect!

We’ve also been wrapped up in rain jackets and wellies for a few days which has been crazy-Its AUGUST!!!


(Check out the flip flop marks)


Toad In the Hole!
As the weather has sucked since Saturday, we’ve been going away from the BBQ’s and light salady meals
and into the warm comfort food.
This week my favourite was this…..


And Lastly

We have had a few days out this week meeting with Friends at the Farm
and blackberry picking in the rain with a hot chocolate to finish as well as some cozy days at home.
I can’t believe last Saturday was scorching and we had the paddling pool out
and for the rest of the week we have been wearing wellies!
Really hoping we get a sunny September, I’m not sure I’m ready to be wet and soggy for the next 6 months.

IMG_8648 IMG_8683

Joining up with all the lovely bloggers for their Little Loves


8 thoughts on “(Little Loves 15) *No 21*

  1. butwhymummywhy says:

    The weather has been so bizarre this month hasn’t it? I think I’m ready to just get on with Autumn now, haha!
    Love your toad in the hole, it looks delish! Mine never seem to work.
    Enjoy the weekend xxx


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