Things I’m Loving Lately (August)

As an avid reader of Emma‘s Blog I really want to try and join in with Things I’m Loving Lately posts and I really do mean try.

I am not good at Beauty or Fashion (however much I’d love to be),
however i have just moved into a new home I can’t wait to do up and my family love their food.
I thought this might push me to spoil myself a little more or maybe just look around for the things I would like to have/do
with relation to Fashion and Beauty and just go with it!

I have loved checking out Emma’s recommendations and really should go for it more,
rather than sticking with what i know all the time.


My sister in law has been going on about things being organic for ages
and after a lot of listening, reading articles and watching  documentaries/you tube videos etc
of what it does your body we converted to organic food, as much as possible.

After a skin outbreak a little while back and knowing i’ve got sensitive skin anyway,
I decided it was about time i started putting on my skin the same as what i was putting in my body.
My sister in law had bought little B organic body wash, shampoo and moisturiser over the years for birthdays/christmases and as he has skin prone to exceed especially when drinking cows milk we have found this doesn’t dry out his skin as much
I have only gone as far as the Green People Vita Min Fix so far but i think its fab and would love to try some other bits.



At times i wish i worked in an office, as maybe then i would pay more attention to what i look like and dressing smartly.
However working as a preschool assistant and dance teacher, i am almost always in clothes i don’t mind getting paint on or dance/fitness comfy clothes.

I love fashion but honestly i have never been fashionable.
Mainly finances hold me back on this one, also my size and shape means quite a lot of the items i like,
just seriously would not suit me and I’m a definite comfort over style girl.

B came home the other night though with a little present for me.
He had been passing a dance shop in London while working and stopped in to buy me a pair of Pineapple joggers.
I have been searching for some new dance wear to go back to classes with, with to much luck so this was a lovely surprise.



We have been in our new home now for 10 weeks.
We have got everything functioning on a day to day basis,
but please don’t ask us where the xmas decs or our winter clothes are.
We are nowhere near as organised as i wish we were and i had hoped to get a lot done over the summer,
but with a toddler who thinks helping is pulling everything out of the washing machine while you’re trying to load it
or jumping on the bed after you’ve just sorted the washing into piles, you’ll understand i really haven’t got anywhere.

I have however spent a few nights on pinterest pinning crazy amounts of ideas for how i’d like to decorate.
I have realised my taste has complete extremes and i love retro, country, vintage and minimal styles
so honestly i’m not much closer to working out what we’ll eventually have.
I have in my head i’d like the living room and two bedrooms down by christmas
and the only thing i can say is i love grey,
Little B’s room is likely to be dinosaur based
and i want copper lighting in my bedroom.


Check out my Pinterest boards for the home and Little Bs bedroom.

(Don’t judge how many things i have pinned.  7.5K (not that much right?)
I had a slight addiction before I started blogging and found Instagram.)


Ok we are a big foodie family and as I said above we have been eating organically for a little while,
however this month we started getting Riverford boxes delivered.
It means we know that we are eating organic food, sourced locally and its all in season.
There is a lot more variety than what our local supermarkets can offer.

It tastes amazing, has forced us to think more carefully about what we are eating, as well as what to cook.
The flavour of everything – fruit, veg, meat has been amazing and we really can’t fault it.
We have been having a weekly delivery so have only had to pop into the supermarket occasionally for extras
e.g. cleaning products, fish and toiletries.



I’ve already had a quick read of a few of the bloggers who have linked up with TILL (August) and its lovely to hear what everyone is loving and can’t wait to have a look at their recommendations and see what may suit me or us as a family as I’d like to try some new things.

Thanks for sharing guys x

3 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving Lately (August)

  1. lifeatthelittlewood says:

    Oh I absolutely love all your interiors ideas Gemma! I giggled at you saying you love lots of different styles – I’m exactly the same! I’ve been meaning to try some Green People products for a while now. You’ve given me a little nudge to give them a go! Thanks so much! Thankyou for joining in too lovely! Xx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Seriously I’d end up with a country kitchen, retro living room, vintage bedroom etc etc. b is very modern minimalist in his style though so will prob end up more this way! It’s lovely to join in and rad what everyone else has been recommending etc too and I’m going to have a huge Christmas list this year of things I’d like to try! X


  2. Naomi says:

    10 weeks? It’s taken me a year to get my new house organised! You’ll get there. And spending hours on Pinterest is part of the fun… not procrastination at all.
    Your Riverford boxes look great too.


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