(Ordinary Moments 15) *No 22* Me Time

ME TIME – The chance to do something for yourself.
Without any responsibility or necessity, simply taking the time to do something you personally desire!

Now I know that generally this is the first thing that disappears.
With our ever growing to do lists, busier work days and family life, all jumbled up together causing stress, guilt and exhaustion.
However Me time should be honoured regularly, as its good for your health and sanity as well as for those around you.

The more stressed and exhausted you become the harder it is to function.
The things you are trying to do, you aren’t doing as well as you could, if you were rested.
Inspiration doesn’t flow as freely and its very easy to feel like your stuck in a rut.
You become cranky and emotional, falling apart over the smallest things and this can effect your close relationships.

In my case my husband gets the brunt of my bad mood, as i pick on him when he’s done nothing wrong.
Little B also sees a Mummy who is less fun to be around and who snaps more frequently than giggles.


I think in order to feel rejuvenated daily and not feel like your constantly slogging away is to take a bit of time for yourself.
This could be doing anything you love – it’ll be different for everyone.  It might be …

* going to the gym or for a run.

* calling a friend for a catch up

* reading a magazine or book

* blogging

* having a soak in  the bath

* Pour a cup of tea and catch up social media

* Painting your nails and having a mini pamper session

Whatever it is that makes you feel good, make sure you do it as often as possible.

You don’t have to spend long, even just 10 minutes focusing on taking a step back can give you a boost.

Its so easy to put yourself to the back of the list.
Looking after everyone else and doing everything else before you get a chance to relax and quite frequently that means never or literally in my case at bedtime when i just crash out.


A friend of mine from school, Melanie writes the blog Gazing Girl
and she posts so many wonderfully inspirational posts on her blog and on her Facebook page
whether its about relationships, work, life : its all about you, it always come back to you!
Its always gives me a little boost to read her posts.

Its about taking the time to look deep in yourself and know what you want and live your life making yourself happy.
By doing this you’ll make the people around you happy.
If what you are doing makes you miserable – stop
-it may just be a blip and you need time out or you might need to change something.

Recently i have felt a little bit in a  rut (unfortunately this happens a little bit too frequently for my liking)
I get jealous of other people, thinking they lead a more fun life, are better at what they do than me,
are slimmer and prettier or have more money to do things.
I look at the positives in everyone else and the negatives in me. I want to be the best mum, wife, dance teacher I can be and it just gets a little overwhelming when I keep putting myself down by thinking I’m not trying hard enough.  Then after beating myself up I start to feel sorry for myself and it needs to stop.

I am enough!

I need to put myself first, in order to give myself a boost at everything else!
So I’m starting with some me time.


I’m linking up with Katie and all the lovely bloggers in the linky “The Ordinary Moments”

Ordinary Moments - MummyDaddyMe

2 thoughts on “(Ordinary Moments 15) *No 22* Me Time

  1. mummydaddyme says:

    Such a great post Gem and me time is definitely so important. I know that I am victim of not doing enough for myself. While I adore blogging sometimes it feels like work for me and I never switch off from it. It’s good to switch off and have some me time, I definitely don’t do it enough! xx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Thanks Katie x I think we are all guilty of not doing enough. I can imagine blogging can feel like work after a while – at the minute its my me time. My school now feels like work where i the past its been all about the love! Just got to keep reminding ourselves how important it is. Congrats on the girls Christening today they looked gorgeous-i’m sure it was a very special day x


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