(Little Loves 15) *No 20*

This week has been spent packed with meeting up with Family and Friends
and enjoying some time with my little man, however much of a Grumpy Bum he’s been!

This weeks little loves have been Vlogs, Organic Food and more Potty Training!


Little B has been doing really well with his potty training the last 5 weeks but we’re still not completely there.
He goes through fab stages and then we get a few days of accidents galore.
I’m determined not to go back to pull ups, but its frustrating when you feel like you’ve cracked it.
So as recommended by Katie in her Potty Training Vlog I have purchased these….


He’s already talking about Pirate Pete and his cool pants after one read,
so fingers crossed this helps a little more
and he loves stickers so they are just an added bonus!


This week I have been watching Some Vlogs for the first time.
I have watched quite a few of Katies youtube videos in the past and love them.
They are so well put together and its lovely to get a little insight into their everyday life,
as well as the exciting things they get up to, through her blogging.

This week I have also watched some of Charlotte‘s Vlogs and thoroughly enjoyed and related to this one in particular that was up on the Channel Mum Youtube page

Being a mum is amazing, but can be tough sometimes and whatever you’re decision –
to go back to work or not or if you don’t have a choice, there is always going to be guilt and joy.


Last Sunday while i was at a course Little B went to see the Gruffalo at the Lyric Theatre with Daddy and Nanny.
I was gutted that I couldn’t go, as I was hoping for a fun day out in London with my family,
but I’m pretty sure Little B had a fab day out and got taken for lunch in Prezzo too.
I dressed him up all smart for the theatre and I thought he looked so cute.


He was also given a little Pirate outfit (his first bit of fancy dress) from my sister, as its too small for my nephew now!
So Cute!!! ARRRRRR



Too much crying from my little man.
We’ve been out and about a lot this week, so as well as being a little sniffly and sleepy from getting up at 5.30/6 every morning we have been in the wars more often.

A proper bump on the head from falling off a trampoline being one injury 😥



We’ve been receiving Riverford Organic Food Boxes for the last 3 weeks.
Its been great to be enjoying more veg, the flavour of all the food is fantastic,
and knowing its organic and sourced locally is great.

These yellow courgettes were picked from my friends garden this week and I have tomatoes from my mums greenhouse.
Herbs are growing in our garden and I’m feeling so good about knowing i’m putting great food into my family.


And Lastly

Last Weekend I went on a Contemporary Dance Course where I learnt a brand new syllabus, style, way of teaching,
and how to teach so many amazing moves that will boost my dancers and get them excited.
It made me feel so inspired, though exhausted and bruised.
I pushed my boundaries through improvisation and was reminded how many years it has been since i danced professionally.

IMG_8326 IMG_8327 IMG_8284 IMG_8312

Thanks for reading x

I’m linking up with all the lovely ladies for their Little Loves hosted by Morgana at butwhymummywhy


14 thoughts on “(Little Loves 15) *No 20*

  1. A Little Londoner says:

    Oh potty training how I detest you! We have had wee all over our sitting room today… It’s not happening ING, I even have the bloody sticker books! Well done on growing your own food! Have a lovely week xxxx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Oh no bless you!!!! Its a complete nightmare hey-we just have to keep our fingers crossed that it eventually happens-well we know it will they aren’t going to be teenagers wetting themselves but would just like it to all happen NOW!! Patience not my virtue! lol x


  2. Jude says:

    Such a good feeling when the family eats homegrown produce isn’t it? I’m super impressed your little man eats courgette! What’s the secret?! #littleloves


  3. Mummy Hearts You says:

    We had pirate pete for our potty training with H and it was so good, it helped us out a lot! I adore Katie’s blog and her vlogs and I am slowly introducing myself to other ones. Great round up this week, have a wonderful weekend x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Not A Frumpy Mum says:

    We had Pirate Petes Potty too when we were training last year, O loved it and would spend ages picking out his favourite potty from all the one pictured. The Gruffalo production sounds fab, no wonder you were gutted to miss it. xx


  5. mumreinvented says:

    Ooh I didn’t realise there was a sticker book too, we had the potty book though which was great! He’ll get there in the end. My little one is three and a half and he mastered it in about 6 weeks in the end, but that’s only because I left it until he was so much older – now to tackle the nights!

    Sounds like your course gave you a real boost. Fingers crossed for no more accidents this week, boys eh! x


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      I know it’s the same story just add stickers then a little chart at the end for stars! Thought it was worth a try 😃 I think they do it in their own time! Fingers crossed it’s mastered in the next two weeks before I go back to work x thanks x


  6. pottymouthedmummy says:

    Oh we loved The Gruffalo too, such a fab production. The Pirate Potty Pete book is fab, worked so well with our little guy. We still get odd accidents here and there but I’m sure it will come together. Have a fab weekend xx


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