My Favourite Quotes

I love a good quote!  I always have, I find them really motivational or they put things into perspective.
I must admit the artwork that goes behind, can also pack a punch!

I take everything very personally,
i have extremely high expectations of myself (perfection)
and will blame myself and feel guilty for everything.
I know sometimes I am being completely unfair and unrealistic but I might not be able to pull myself from this funk
no matter how many times B tells me i’m amazing or how many cuddles I get from Little B.

I’m sure many people feel this way but it’s very easy to feel alone.
I seem to be good at giving advice and frequently I am the person that friends come to,
however I am not so good at taking it myself.

I find that quotes make me smile, they make me feel less alone and that If i could get a little bit of PMA
I could kick myself up the butt and realise how amazing i am!

These are the quotes I’ve used on my blog already
(The first is my favourite)





And these are some other ones I love right now!
I could go on forever but i’ll try not to.

IMG_8187 Qoute 1485aef0974435a887c65e8d6f634e6f10550190f003410e1dc3337a4aff2adefde8149e2eb1777ceb36accaf6ba17799nobody-cares-if-you-cant-dance-well-just-get-up-and-dance-great-dancers-are-not-great-because-of-their-technique-they-are-great-because-of-their-passion-martha-grahambf8115e68eba5e0abcc073c64db19338


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