(Ordinary Moments 15) *No 21* Our family Mojo

 The Definition Of Mojo

“a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy”

And In My Eyes…

“Your VaVa Voom, Your get up and Go, Your Energy!”

It seems like everyone in our little family has their mojo at the minute, except me.

B is working his butt off.
Having run his business for 5 years, relying heavily on freelance work from other companies
and being home early most days, the last few months have gone crazy!
The majority of his work is his own and he has built up a good group of guys with different skills
(electrician, tiler, painters and decorators etc) who help each other out with jobs when they need a specialised trade involved! He is now leaving the house before 7.30am not getting back till Little Bs bedtime and working most Saturdays as well as sorting paperwork and collecting parts on sundays!
One of the lovely things about it is his work ethic has changed for the better.
He is aware that it’s tough but he’s not moaning about it, he’s grateful
knowing it’s bringing us in money and building his businesses reputation all the time!
This will not always be the case as we can’t live like this forever (i’d like to see him once In a while)
but while I’m off work for the summer he has that extra freedom knowing Little B is with me and he doesn’t have to rush back to get him, as I usually work evenings.

He always has such a great outlook on life.
He thinks everything we have is amazing.
He’s grateful for what we’ve got and rarely moans about what we don’t have.
It’s amazing as I’m always thinking about what we don’t have and then blaming myself for it!!

Little B is full of energy, Bouncing around everywhere!
He has pretty much nailed potty training in 4 weeks.
I am prepared for accidents,  we have already had many, though I’m not looking forward to them in public.
However we have been out without a nappy to the supermarket and into town (for over 4hrs) with success
so I have everything crossed!
He’s singing at every opportunity, loving playing ball in the garden, having short naps in the day (sometimes) usually while chilling watching a Film and generally sleeping better at night!
When his Daddy gets home at night, his face lights up and he rushes out to the front door to meet him and give him a massive hug-it really makes me feel happy to see their beautiful relationship.

Then there’s me-Gemma, wife, mummy, business owner who has been feeling a bit mojo-less in all areas!
I think it’s just a feeling of overwhelm to be honest!
It’s summer and I want everything to be perfect….I have a tendency to want a lot
eg at the minute I keep thinking about getting the house sorted (the whole house-I want it to look like a magazine),
my huge work to do list (seriously huge),
making sure I do lots of things with Little B making his summer as busy and fun as possible,
read and blog more
and I would like to do an online course
and I have got completely dumbstruck and can’t seem to do any of it!
Too much thinking not enough doing!
I’ve frozen and got scared about it all!
Problem is I then beat myself up for having done nothing, so it’s a vicious circle!!
This is a trait of mine and something that happens quite a lot.
It’s so frustrating for B who just doesn’t get me when I get down and start beating myself up,
when he can’t see any reason for it!
Problem is I never quite know how I get myself out of this funk although I obviously manage it!

I know how lucky I am to have an amazing family, good friends, my own business, a home, food on the table etc etc
but I keep going back to the things we don’t have or can’t do!

I do not mean to sound in any way ungrateful as truly I’m not,
I know I’m blessed to have what we do and I need to give myself a kick up the butt
so Little B doesn’t see Mummy in a funk too often but one that is happy and fun to be around!

It’s amazing how easy it is to turn stuff around when

1. There’s a little person involved who you want to be the best for


2. You talk about it/write it down.

Thanks for listening to me as I dig myself out of this little hole,  I’m already feeling a little better. X

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2 thoughts on “(Ordinary Moments 15) *No 21* Our family Mojo

  1. mummydaddyme says:

    Oh bless you lovely, it is hard sometimes when you have so much to do and you get yourself in a bit of a funk. I had the same a week or so ago, my to do list was so huge and rather than working through it I just felt overwhelmed and stressed. It is hard sometimes. We are all so busy being Mums, working, being wives and all the other things in between. It sounds like you have a wonderful and supportive family around you though. x


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Cheers Hun!! It’s so easy to just let yourself get overwhelmed rather than push through! It seems me and B swap between being stressed just so we can pick each other up in between! Once I tick a few things off I feel a bit better and I’ve managed some bits the last few days so definitely picked up a bit! Being and doing everything can sometimes just get on top x


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