(Little Loves 15) *No 19*

A week off-yippee! But seriously where has the sunshine gone?
It has felt more like the Christmas Holidays than the summer ones.

Film days, Purple Hair and Ron Pope


Unfortunately very little this week though I have just found my colouring book
I bought, just before we moved and hoping to get a little bit of mindfulness in to ensure I chill and switch off at some point.



Big Hero 6
I’m always a bit behind on watching anything.
We very rarely go to the cinema unfortunately and there are so many films i want to see
so we end up catching up when friends lend us DVDs or its on Sky.

This week a friend lent us Big Hero 6
so when it was all rainy and horrible this afternoon me and Little B cuddled up on the sofa to watch.
Ok seriously how do you not cry at this? How does Disney always manage to pull at my heart strings?


As well as Dumbo, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, and Cinderella.

I also brought Insurgent, hopefully we’ll watch it tonight.
I loved the books and having grown up doing shows with Theo James
it seems crazy seeing him now as the big famous actor he has become.
So happy for him!

I’ve got to the end of Series 3 of New Girl and now I’m completely gutted that I can’t locate Series 4.
I even signed up for Netflix and its not there!


So this week I took the plunge and went purple.
Ive had my hair many colours over the years,
blonde, brunette, a mix of the two, deep red, pink but i’m pretty sure never this vibrant.
We did it Lilac but it didn’t take as well as we’d hoped so I’m now Hot Purple with a bit of Lavender.
Its going to be strange for a while getting used to it and trying to pull it off
because i’m still not 100% sure I can do that or if I’m actually way to old to be trying but who gives a damn!



I’m going on a contemporary dance course this weekend
which I am very excited yet really quite scared about
so i have been on spotify having a listen to playlists people have made for this style of dance.

Jason Moraz – I Won’t Give Up

Ron Pope – A Drop in the Ocean
This was one of our wedding songs

Skylark Grey – Love The Way You Lie Part III

Are some of my favourites right now


Tomato pasta!
This is one of our staples but we love it everytime – all organic and fresh and just really has a pop of flavour.
Tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, capers, antipasti meat (salami, parma ham, chorizo).
So easy and so tasty!


And Lastly

This week I had a lovely meet up with two friends I met at Postnatal at Grovefield House Hotel for Afternoon Tea.
It was so lovely to do something different, a little treat, catch upย with my friends and have some time away from being mummy. Though we did spend the majority of the time talking pregnancy, potty training and toddler tantrums.


Thanks for reading x

I’m linking up with Morgana and the lovely ladies for everyones LittleLoves.


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