(Ordinary Moments 15) *No 20* In the Theatre

As the owner of a Performing Arts School
spending many hours at classes,rehearsals and in the theatre
is an ordinary moment for me and one I love! 

The last two weeks have been our annual summer school
and on Saturday night it came to the end
with an amazing performance put on by 18 budding dancers, singers and actors from 5-14yrs
with 2 of my graduate students who have been helping me thrown into the mix!


In the past we have a lots of older student and hardly any little ones however this year it switched!
Our majority was aged 5-8yrs.
This meant a real change around in the routines we did and I was wondering
if we were going to be able to put on as good a show as previous years!
However from parent feedback I have a feeling it may have been the best yet! 

So yesterday we had so much fun on the real stage,
with lights and microphones,
plenty of hairspray and lipstick and the smiles
on everyone’s faces was phenomenal!
It was so lovely to see the pure enjoyment.


When the curtains closed at the end, one of our smallest performers turned around in excitement and said
‘they were all smiling’
it was almost like she was stunned!
That’s what we want that’s what we are trying to do I said
and I think on Saturday there was smiles all round
and I believe some tears from some extremely proud grandparents.


I love being in the theatre I really feel like I’m home!
For years I was on the stage, I was the performer and very occasionally that still happens now!
But the majority of the time now I am
backstage chaperoning, doing hair and make up, moving set, sorting props
and making sure everyone’s in the right place at the right time!


The buzz I get from being at the theatre is immense!
For some that might be a once in a lifetime experience but for me it’s a regular occurrence and one I thrive on!


Thank You for Reading x

I am linking up with Katie and all the other lovely ladies for their Ordinary Moments

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8 thoughts on “(Ordinary Moments 15) *No 20* In the Theatre

  1. mummydaddyme says:

    Ah this sounds so lovely and I bet it is such an amazing experience to be part of- so exciting and lovely that it’s your ordinary. Sounds like such a busy time but that it all went really well! x


  2. Mary @TheHeartyLife says:

    I found this post so interesting and exciting to read – your life sounds like how I dreamt mine would be in my teens..on the stage/teaching Drama in a performing arts school! It sounds wonderful and a lot of fun.
    What a great post and how brilliant that this is your “ordinary” ! x


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