(Little Loves 15) *No 18*

Hey everyone I hope you’ve had a good week?!
Mine has been jam packed with so much work (fun work though) during the week
but last weekend we had an impromptu day out, which was fab!

Performances, New Girl and Cliveden….


I did buy a magazine in the week and have managed to read a few articles
but to be honest I couldn’t tell you what they were about.
It was late I knew I couldn’t focus on my book but wanted to read something before bed!

Also got lots of exciting plans for my school going on at the minute,
so I’ve been reading through plans and googling information!
Extra stuff for my brain to take in.

I also got myself a new photo diary for the next academic year.
I really love it as I get a photo per week of me and my family and friends I can’t wait to get more use out of it!
And I love to be organised (or at least look it)



Some fab singing with some lovely harmonies from my students.
They also seem to have ingrained ‘Do You wanna build a snowman?’ Into Little Bs head as he keeps singing it at home too!
It’s been lovely having him with me at work
and am so grateful to everyone that’s looked out for him over the last few weeks
as it would have been even harder for me otherwise.



Apart from a few episodes of New Girl Series 3 nothing at all on the TV.
Seriously addicted though I am so gripped with all the characters and loving the storylines.
Such easy watching and frequently has me in stitches.
Even B has come in and chuckled a few times though he’ll never admit it!


I attempted to watch the first episode of great British Bake Off on Wednesday
then had to sort a load of music etc so got very distracted.
I’ve never really watched it before but everyone raves about it so much I thought I better at least try!

I have watched a bunch of kids from 6-14yrs bond beautifully over their love of dance and singing
and work so damn hard to build a fantastic show!
I’m so proud of them all and my 2 graduate students who have come back to help choreograph and join in!


I actually went out and treated myself last Saturday!
I have been looking at midi rings for a while so brought a cheap set to see how I found them!
Love the look of them not always so practical!!



A fab show!!!
The last 10 days have been spent working with children from 6-14yrs
creating an hour and a half entertainment with 22 routines.
Songs and dances including styles such as Irish, Street, Contemporary and Cheerleading.
Throwing in a lot of Disney and Musical Theatre along the way!
Today we did a dress run before the actual show tomorrow and Wow!
I was a little surprised, as usually I go into panic mode at this point, but they proved me wrong.
Obviously still a few little tweaks and we’ll see what happens on stage tomorrow but I am so happy!

And Lastly

Although its been all about work this week I did get an impromptu day out at Cliveden last weekend
with my Dad, Stepmum, Little B, Nephew and Niece.
I love it when a text message in the morning is followed by a day of fun.
Unfortunately B had more work to get down really hoping he gets some downtime soon.


Lovely to see my Dad having fun with all his Grandkids and little girl, as well as calling them all my name.
Yes he’s started to name everyone before getting to the right one!


Joining in with all the lovely ladies of Butwhymummywhy‘s LittleLoves.

Thanks for reading x


……. And Lastly Last weekend I spent an impromptu day out at Cliveden House (National Trust) with my Dad, step mum, Little B, nephew and niece! A text in the morning meant an hour later we were ready for a fun day out! We had a picnic, played in the grounds, walked across the water gardens, had ice cream and then went back to play in the sprinklers at their house!

4 thoughts on “(Little Loves 15) *No 18*

  1. butwhymummywhy says:

    Love those midi rings! Know what you mean about them not being that practical though, mine always seem to fall off!
    I bet planning a show is stressful but so rewarding when it all comes together. I used to love taking part in shows like that as a child and know that my girls would love to do it.
    Have a lovely week xx


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