(Ordinary Moments 15) *No 18* We love our grub

All I can say is I’m so lucky to have a man that loves to cook and is pretty damn good at it too!
Before i met B I really wasn’t a good cook……..seriously…..
to the point where it was actually a joke in my dads wedding speech!
People would love to come round for dinner, but only if B was cooking! 

We have a vast array of cookbooks (an easy birthday/Christmas present for B)
from Ainsley Harriet and Jamie Oliver to Tom Kerridge and Rick Stein.

When I lived on my own I would only cook stuff that could be done in the microwave or toaster
and occasionally a very basic Spag Bol!
I honestly just looked at food as sustenance and never as something to fully enjoy.
Though at the same time I’ve almost always been overweight!

I think I probably don’t have the patience for cooking!
I make silly mistakes because I’m not really paying attention. I’m always trying to a million things at once!

B had patience with me and taught me how to cook things in a fresher, healthier and tastier way.
Now I enjoy cooking when I’m not in a rush or tired (no patience when I’m sleepy)
and can actually make some pretty impressive meals.
I love to try new things and get bored when we just do our regular meals,
looking forward to the next chance to eat something fab!

We do some standards……




Roast Dinners

And then add in things like ……


Moroccan Fish and Chips



IMG_4011And the biggest and tastiest steak I’ve ever seen

I’m looking forward to doing our Culinary Round the World again,  like we did last year again.

We aren’t going away this summer so instead we have decided to travel the world, by cooking different foods.
I’ve already been digging through the cook books looking at recipes from….

Spain, Italy, France, Sweden, Morocco, The Caribbean, Thailand and more
And I can’t wait!

Thanks for reading x

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2 thoughts on “(Ordinary Moments 15) *No 18* We love our grub

  1. mummydaddyme says:

    Ah B sounds like a great cook and a patient learner- yum! My husband is the cook in our house, he loves it and is really rather talented. I must admit I rarely cook, but we are a good team, he cooks and I clean and we share the children duties! x


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      I love it when a guy loves to cook. Its amazing how people can still be surprised by it. I’m spoilt B does a lot of the cleaning too – eek! Mainly because of the hours I work but now its summer hols its all me. Being a good team is definitely the best thing ever x


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