(Ordinary Moments 15) *No 17* Potty Training

When you hold your baby in your arms for the first time, there are so many things that go through your head.

Wow you’re finally here-I did it! 

You’re so perfect-I can’t believe we made you

I’ll look after you forever-you’re my world

Then after a few days, when they let you go home you think

How can they let me go home, I’m not really sure what I’m doing-when of course you really do without knowing it

I could just cuddle you all day-and you really could, until life has to get going again

You’re so helpless, I’ll have to do everything for you-and I’ll love it

Well we’re now at 2.5 yr old independence stage!
Yep, we’re not allowed to help in anyway unless Little B is screaming with frustration
and even then sometimes he won’t allow it!
Things are by his terms (or so he thinks-I have my ways)

So we’ve hit many milestones….rolling over, sitting, standing, cruising, walking etc.
well this weekend we hit

I had decided that due to work, I would wait to focus on it over the summer holidays,
when I could put my full attention onto it and not expect anyone else to put in the hard slog!
I’ve got a week off now, followed by 2 weeks of summer school and then 4 weeks off
so I thought I’d hold out until I had more time.

Little B has been telling me when he needs a nappy change for a long time
and after spending time with my niece, who’s 10wks younger but dry, he always says ‘I need a wee wee’.
Well I’ve been putting him on the potty/toilet for 6-8 weeks but nothing-not even a dribble.
Basically ‘I need a wee wee’ means ‘I’ve just done a wee wee’!
He would also sit on the potty independently, just with all his clothes on, and the lid as a hat!


On Friday Little B spent the day at my mums with my sister and niece whilst I worked.
When I got there to pick him up about 3pm he said ‘I need a wee wee’
so I did the usual of stripping him off and putting him on the potty and well,
I got crazy excited when my boy did his first wee on it.

(God the things i get excited about now, well times change hey)

On Saturday he went back for a sleepover at Nanny’s
and over the weekend she’s let him run around with or without pants
and I’ve been updated via text, of every wee and accident (and there were a few-including all over mums bed-oops).
He’s taken himself to the potty and been treated with whoops, cheers, hugs, kisses, rounds of applause
and a few bits of chocolate too!
We also managed a number 2 when back home this evening
(Ok it was a bit of a mad rush, with mummy dangling him at arms reach to the potty, but we made it-just!!)


So it seems we may not be able to last 3 more weeks and we’re just going to continue from here and see how it goes.
I think this week, will consist of a lot of hometime play.
If anyone fancies coming round to keep me company, while i remind my child, approximately every 2 minutes where the potty is then you’re more than welcome!

It’s made me feel so proud of the big boy he’s becoming and yet nostalgic for the baby that he’s leaving behind!
I’m no longer a mummy to a baby but a toddler and he’s ready to do stuff without my help!
Over the years I am going to have to learn to let go more and more.


(Liz Curtis Faria – In the Nursery, where time stands still)

I’m not sure how I’m going to cope with all these big milestones and adventures to come,
but I must try to embrace them and hope I can raise a true gentleman, in the process!

Thank You for Reading x
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6 thoughts on “(Ordinary Moments 15) *No 17* Potty Training

  1. mummydaddyme says:

    Aw well done to him, what a big boy. That’s amazing and you must be so proud, it’s a big milestone to reach. LL isn’t ready yet, despite Mads having been dry for a fair few months younger than her. I am sure she will get there eventually. x

    Liked by 1 person

    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Slightly stunned to be honest and he’s done so well today taking himself and with no accidents. Now it’s the scary part of venturing out of the house-eek! They really are all ready at different times hey?! My niece has been dry for ages and it shocked me! X


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