Summer Bucket List

The first day of the Summer Holidays are finally here
and prompted by Everything Mummy I thought I’d post our Summer Bucket List. 

Me and B spend so much time working,
with Little B spending that time with his grandparents (building fab relationships-which is beautiful to see)
but I often feel guilty, that he doesn’t get the time he deserves with us!

So this summer, although we aren’t going away and B is really busy at work,
I really want to make the most of it in whatever way we can!
 For Mummy

* Read (at least the rest of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’)

* Catch up with friends

* Blog and read more blogs

* Paint my nails

For Daddy

* Some early finishes from work

* Recharge his batteries/A bit of time off

* Get in a round of Golf or two

* Catch up with the boys

For Little B

* Potty training (eek!)

* Lots of giggles in the paddling pool

* Spend time at the park

* Play dates with friends


For Our Whole Family

* Some days out eg. zoo or aquarium

* Some chill days at home, quality time together without thinking about/doing any work

* Picnics-even if only in the garden

* Our culinary Around the World – where can we go this year?!

For Our Home

* Build my little dressing table area in our otherwise useless bedroom cupboard

* Get our home office set up & organised in the spare room

* Get shelves and pictures up around the house

* Finish making our garden beautiful, its getting there


Seriously this type of filing needs to stop-we need an office.

There are quite a few work bits too but I’m trying to ignore them a little bit!


I really can’t wait for the break and hopefully the sun shines on us!

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