32 @ 32 Update

So its been 3 months since I wrote my 32 @ 32 post and wanted to have a little update on how I was doing.
At this time as I start this post I’m not sure if it’s going to be a chance to pat myself on the back or kick myself up the butt.

So heres my list of 32 things I would like to do before I’m 33


  1. Start a Blog – Ta Dah!!!
  2. ‘Go Ape’ (I’m scared of heights and falling-ARGH)- I did this for my birthday!
  3. Bake a cake! (This is something I’m not too good at!) I’ve done brownies-ok and technically they involved no baking!
  4. Go to a West End Show (i love it and haven’t been in so long) The Gruffalo is booked does that count?
  5. Read 5 Books – I’ve read one (The Four Collection)
  6. Nuts Challengetechnically not the full one as it doesn’t start till sept but the army assault course yes! 
  7. Get another Tattoo (I have 2 and there are at least 3 more i’ve had my eye on)
  8. Move House – We moved Mid June Yippee
  9. Donate Blood
  10. Lose some weight – Oops!
  11. Start my scrapbook (my sister brought it for my 31st) – I’ve started but not much, want to do a lot more
  12. Sort Life Insurance
  13. Book a dance course – Went on a Build A Dancer Course in May-Amazing!
  14. Go on a Spa Day – In the planning stages
  15. Get a Psychic Reading
  16. Pay off more debt – Obviously getting smaller each month but finished a big one in June-YEY!
  17. Go to Winter Wonderland (i have wanted to for about the last 5 years)
  18. Watch 5 ‘classic films’ (My husband and Sister-in-law are shocked at the amount of films i haven’t seen that i really should have) I have watched ‘Haywire’ And plenty of Disney. Wouldn’t call them classic but …..
  19. Cook a recipe from Tom Kerridge’s book (we’ve only had it a couple of years)
  20. Dye my hair another crazy colour (recently pink)
  21. Cook a sit down meal for my parents/stepparents (that means I’ve gotta do it twice-eek) apparently the one i did for my mum and stepdad the other night didn’t count as it was impromptu
  22. Have a BBQ Party with friends – Yey we did this on Saturday as a Housewarming, think there’ll be a lot more
  23. Grow my own veg/herbs (hopefully this can come true in our new house?) Herbs and tomatoes are planted and veg is being discussed (may not be possible till next year now)
  24. Be brutal and declutter my house – Partially whilst moving but seriously not enough
  25. Treat myself to a pair of converse
  26. Learn how to use WordPress properly. My schools website is wordpress also and I’m useless! I’m getting there-much better than i ever was
  27. Learn/try something new! (Not sure what yet)
  28. Sort my mums garage of all of my ‘crap’ (she’ll love me for this one)
  29. Make something with my sewing machine (another thing I’ve had in the box for a couple of years)
  30. Take ‘Little B’ to the zoo (he’s loving animals at the minute)
  31. Share my blog…….actually tell people about it and hope people read it! I’ve done this on a very small scale
  32. Spend the night in a hotel with my hubby – this is planned for this Saturday after a friends wedding however this may be more like a travel lodge than the nice hotel i had hoped!

8 completed-not bad in 3 months!

Having just written all this down
I know I have a lot in the pipeline and I’m actually feeling pretty proud of myself!
I think I’ll celebrate!


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