(Ordinary Moments 15) *No 16* Feeling pooped!

Its so close to the end of Summer Term and the start of the holidays.

I know this brings with it lots of different emotions for different people.

For parents this brings mixed emotions
some are excited of the possibilities of fun things they can do with their kids for 6 weeks
and some dread  having to find things to entertain them every day.
Oh the double sided coin!

I know for those parents seeing their child leave preschool for the last term
and start big school in September this is the last chance to hold onto those toddler moments and relish every spare minute.

For my non term time friends and my hubby.
This is the point when they all hate me for going on about my free time
and the fact that the next time they get time off is Christmas Eve-Well as B tells me.

For my teacher friends and I this is like dragging ourselves to the finish line.

All the emotions running high saying goodbye to the graduating kids, as well as the hours spent report writing is taking its toll.


I am absolutely pooped currently.
I’m pretty sure I haven’t made sense in weeks, that I look like a complete mess the majority of the time
and inspiration seems to have totally abandoned me.

During term time i work my socks off and yes I may still be like a child (in more ways than one)
but I live for my holidays, when I get to spend some down time with my boys.


I love my jobs (most of the time) but come the end of the academic year,
my ordinary moments seem hard to enjoy as I’m simply exhausted.
All I can think about is going to bed and then getting through the next day.

I’ve lost that little spark of joy in the little things, I’m easily frustrated.
My ordinary moments are getting lost!

I can’t wait for that little break,
though i have an absolute ton of paperwork etc to get through and 2 weeks of summer school
I get my evenings in with B and can catch up with friends and family.
You know what I’ll probably end up run off my feet, but not with stuff I have to do, with stuff I want to do.

I can…..

Have some lazy mornings with Little B, playing or watching films

Catch up with friends over coffee and cake, or wine and dinner

Chill out in my garden watching Little B in the paddling Pool

Cook dinner for B and talk some more

Read my backlog of blogs and articles

Get myself organised and refreshed for September

and take a step back!

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Thanks for reading my Ordinary Moments, Sorry I am few days late x

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