(Little Loves 15) *No 14*

This weeks little loves of preschool reports, paddling pools and spotify.

Hey guys, hope you are all well and have a lovely week! It’s been a little manic here for no particular reason except we’ve been trying to get the house sorted for a housewarming BBQ this weekend and therefore I am actually a few days late here-oops!


Reports reports and more reports and I only have 11 key children.  Glad I’m not a primary/secondary school teacher. Still plodding along with all the end of year paperwork and there’s a lot of it for both my jobs.  Unfortunately my brain seems to have already switched off for the summer.


I was invited along to a friends end of year show for her dance school on Thursday and the hour drive each way was totally worth it.  It’s so lovely to see what other schools do.  We all differ in style, budget, amount of students etc and it’s so lovely to support each other.


Me and B decided to do a free trial on spotify for the month so have been playing a lot more music than usual. little B is loving having a boogie around the kitchen every morning! I have just been having a listen through Fearne Cottons playlists so far, haven’t created much myself as yet.


It has been such lovely weather this week so the flip flops and summer trousers have been out in force.  It’s really lovely to not have to pile on the layers or remember to take a jumper/jacket.

Little B has been in shorts or swim shorts all week dipping in and out of the paddling pool. He’s absolutely loving that we have one now!

Here is splashing around with his cousins.


I made an impromptu meal for my mum and stepdad this week to say thanks for helping us get the house sorted over the last few weeks.  When we moved they were away on their honeymoon so they’ve been helping with the organisation and garden more recently.

It’s looking pretty damn good now!


And at night it’s even prettier with lighting, courtesy of my father in law and lots of candles on the patio.

And Lastly

 I’m absolutely pooped!

I call it end of termitis where I am completely zoned out, exhausted and feeling run down.
When you get to the point when you think why do I bother?!
I am really looking forward to some time to recharge my batteries-
Is that still possible with a crazy toddler?!


I’m linking up with butwhymummywhy for this weeks little loves.

Thanks for reading x

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