Summer loves


I posted back in April my ‘Spring loves’ explaining that I think there is something
to look forward to in every season and weather.

However I must admit Summer is my favourite

* Sunshine
You just can’t beat clear blue skies and the warmth

* Being able to be outside everyday
wearing a lot less layers

* Summer Holidays
For me this is a massive bonus as I work term times and this is a long period of downtime for me

* The smell of suncream
It makes me feel like I’m abroad-it brings back lovely memories

* BBQs and Picnics
Picky food, generally a lot healthier and fresh, alfresco dining

* Maxi skirts & loose trousers

I live in dance wear (yoga pants and sports bra) and it’s just lovely to feel light and airy when summer comes.

* The colours

Whether it’s pastels or brights it just seems like everything has colour and a feeling of happiness.

* Pub gardens

I dont see these as frequently now we have Little B but a cold cider or wine in the sunshine is always nice

* Opening the windows

and getting fresh air into the house-clearing out the cobwebs from the cold weather

* Smell of freshly cut grass

And now we have our own garden this will be something I can appreciate more often


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