Seriously a whole month without Wifi and I’ve been loosing my mind
– I seriously don’t want to know what my phone bill is going to be like this month.

Me and B are so behind on work, as so much requires the use of the internet now!
I honestly never realised quite how much i relied on it.


(Photo Source)

Its so hard to switch off and not be in touch with the outside world on a daily basis (thank God for 4G)
Social Media is fantastic but I also loose a lot of my time to it daily whether through personal use or work.

Facebook, Instagram, Banking, Emails are just a few of my daily apps that get used on my phone
but my iPad has had no use without the internet all month, except a few kids games maybe twice.

facebook meme

Today however its turned on……honestly i don’t remember the last time i was this excited!
Now thats really sad!
We weren’t expecting it and were starting to get rather cross as they kept putting it off to the next week.

When I received the text this afternoon
‘The Interweb is working with a smily face
I actually yelped – yes yelped!

I came home and logged the phone, iPad, laptop and kindle up
and sat straight down to updating all the horribly set up blog posts i’ve written this month.
Seriously I haven’t even dared look at my Homepage as it was simply a mess.
I couldn’t centralise anything, all my pictures were different sizes and I couldn’t add certain photos.
The WordPress app is fantastic for making a draft, but not really for publishing, unless I’m doing something seriously wrong.

I should really have started with all of my work reports but hey ho….

Anyway enough rambling I’m one happy bunny and now it seems me and B will stop this fantastic chatting we’ve been doing this last month and go back to being hermits staring at our screens.

I hope not! 

happy dance

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