(Ordinary Moments 15) *No 15* Our Wonderful Outdoor Space

 Our Wonderful Outside Space

We have lived in a ground floor flat for 9 years with a tiny area of stones outside the patio door as our little part of the communal garden. People could walk round to their flat this way as well as complete strangers having a walk. It had a beautiful view over our local park and was right by a stream. When it was just me and B it was lovely (though never quite enough sun for my liking).

When we had little B at the beginning of 2013 we started to think about the space we had and the idea that we would have to start looking for somewhere bigger at some point, though it always felt strange to think of moving away from our first home together.

Finally almost 2.5 years after Little B was born we were lucky enough to move in to a house, owned by family which we are allowed to make our own, however we would like too! Eek-exciting!!

Out biggest game changer in the last 3 weeks has been the garden…….

Little B has a huge space to play, he has loved to dig, watch snails, splash in the paddling pool, kick a ball, learn to play golf with daddy, run in the sprinkler and it has been so lovely to be able to have our back doors open without the worry of him ending up in a car park or the stream, which he could have reached within a few seconds at the flat!

For me and B it has been amazing to chill in the garden in the evening, eat dinner, read, chat! I feel like we’ve spoken more in the last 3 weeks than we have in a while as we had got in the routine of eating in front of the TV in the flat and we just started to zone out a bit!

We’ve already planted a herb garden, made a candle holder from a log, repainted our garden furniture, cut back a lot of the garden & got some hanging baskets, with some help from my mum and stepdad. 

 We’ve got so many ideas of how to make this house our home and I already feel happy here though the current mess/disorganisation does drive us both a little mad! Can’t wait for the holidays so I can get my teeth into it a bit more!

The best bit is so many of our Ordinary Moments are going to be built here and our family can grow and make more memories and I can’t wait.

Thanks for reading x

Ordinary Moments - MummyDaddyMe

I’m linking up with Katie and mummydaddyme and all the other fab bloggers for their Ordinarly Moments.

8 thoughts on “(Ordinary Moments 15) *No 15* Our Wonderful Outdoor Space

  1. Carie says:

    Oh how wonderful to have all that space and be able to really relax – it looks like you’re starting as you mean to go on!


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Oh completely Carie, I’m already loving the change its made to our lifestyle and relationship (sounds dramatic but the little changes add up hey) and can’t wait for more outside time over the summer hols x


  2. Californian Mum in London says:

    We moved from a flat to a house a few years ago and although we had a garden we had to walk down outside stairs to get to it. Now that we are in a house, it is so nice having our own garden just out the door and I can cook while the kids play in the garden. It makes such a difference. And obviously it’s pretty great having a paddling pool too. 🙂 #ordinarymoments

    Liked by 1 person

    • gemslittletreasures says:

      The difference is crazy hey and yes I’m the same love being able to see little B but get on with bits in the kitchen too. He’s loving the paddling pool I think it’s a right for all children (and big children too) x


  3. mummydaddyme says:

    Ah it looks like a lovely garden and there’s nothing better I love than chilling in the garden once the girls are in bed and having dinner- we need to do it more often. Ours is a bit unloved at the moment but our mission for the Summer is to make it a space we all love. x

    Liked by 1 person

    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Nothing like a good mission! That’s almost been our first focus in renew house so we can fully enjoy it for the summer, however long it lasts, but it’s certainly fab to spend some time chilling out there-better than the sofa by far x


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