(Little Loves 15) *No 13*

Welcome to this weeks little loves of BBQs, sunny days and Straw hats….


Recipes for a BBQ with friends. It was lovely to have some friends we haven’t seen since Christmas Eve round to our new house for a chilled (ok slightly drunken evening). A bit of Levi Roots jerk chicken on the BBQ, potato salad, mozzarella salad and some rum and we were ready to go!  

I bought a magazine but haven’t managed to even flick through it and honestly have not picked up to kill a mockingbird in weeks-I’ve gotta sort this out!

Little B having fun in the garden at his grandparents! I did not want to go to work on Wednesday  when I saw how lovely it looked in that paddling pool!

  Look at this beautiful clear blue sky and I love watching what planes can do to brighten up the sky!


Little B repeating everything and I mean everything, approximately 20 times, at a shout!! Wow the child has got noisy!! However he seems to not be able to hear anything mummy or daddy has to say-uh oh terrible twos!

Also heard some exciting news from a friend -top secret of course which made me send her this face ……..

She sent me one back very similar 😃


My straw hat! Little B has been at work with me a lot this week due to childcare issues and at the preschool we obviously ask all children to wear hats in this sun! Little B however! No way! I’ve tried everything, even my colleagues tried, it would not stay on longer than 5 secs. One day I thought he might wear a hat if I was and when I went looking I found this little beauty at the bottom of my cupboard! Also as he broke my sunglasses this did keep the sun out of my eyes too!


Homemade pizza with cheddar mozzarella, spicy tomato sauce, tomatoes, mushrooms and antipasti!

I also made My littleandfierce order-only took me a week to get round to it after finding out I had won £25 on their Instagram competition, so excited for Little B to see his new things!

And Lastly 

I’m counting down to the summer holidays now, 2 weeks today!! Yippee!!

I really can’t wait to spend some time at home with my boys, getting our house looking good and hopefully having some fun days out as well as in the garden!

Some time to catch up on my reading, chill out with friends, enjoy lots of BBQs and get our home office up and running and our paperwork under control-no idea how we are running two businesses in our current chaos! Fingers crossed to wifi at the beginning of next week!

Thanks for reading. X


I am linking up with Morgana at butwhymummywhy go and check out some of the other fantastic blogs linking up this weekend!

12 thoughts on “(Little Loves 15) *No 13*

  1. mummydaddyme says:

    Mads has got the yellow version of that watch and she never takes it off unless it’s to have a bath. That homemade pizza looks delicious too! x


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