(Little Loves 15) *No 12*

Hey everyone hope you’re all well and welcome to my little loves for this week.
It’s been a bit crazy but with so many positives.

My new Herb Garden, littleandfierce winner and final payments!!


I’ve been catching up on a few of my favourite blogs! Not as much as I’d like but once we’re a bit more settled and the summer holidays arrive (gosh I can’t wait) I can really get my blogging and reading hit!


The only thing I’ve really watched this week is a few Disney channel cartoons of a morning! Henry Hugglemonster, Sheriff Callie and Calimero! About as much as my brain can handle at the minute if I’m honest!

I’ve also watched our garden slowly transform from a bit of a wilderness to somewhere I can’t wait to spend time. With help from B , my mum, stepdad and of course Little B, the flower beds have been dug out, we have candles and paraffin lamps, a herb garden (I’ve wanted one for years), a nicely cut lawn and I can access my back gate.


That I had won the @littlefiercesummer Instagram competition with littleandfierce!
I honestly could not believe it and am so excited to choose what to buy! Thanks Morgana x

Little B has also started singing! It’s the cutest thing ever! Every sentence he sings the last word (or what he thinks is the last word) completely melts my heart!

I am also loving Jason Derulo Want You to Want Me on the radio! It feels like a really summery tune!


Mud! And lots of it!! Last Saturday my sister in law and a load of her friends did an Army Assault Course!
It was tough but so much fun!!


I made the last payment on a big business debt! This makes me so proud of myself, I dug myself out of a seriously big hole and can now start focussing on getting my finances a little more organised!

And Lastly

This weekend is the first one in a month where we have nothing serious going on!
The last few weekends have consisted of B in Germany, a nuts challenge, colour obstacle run,
dance festivals oh and a house move.

This weekend B has to work for a few hours tomorrow and we have friends over for dinner & drinks in the evening, oh and a friends birthday BBQ on Sunday……….ok now I’ve written this maybe there’s a bit more than I thought! Oops!!


Thanks for reading I’m linking up with butwhymummywhy for our little loves.

6 thoughts on “(Little Loves 15) *No 12*

  1. monkeyhut16 says:

    The assault course looks like so much fun! I’m not sure I am remotely fit enough to take part in anything like that. Maybe(?) one day. That’s one hell of a busy weekend for one with not much on 🙂 Congrats on the Little & Fierce win! xx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Tell me about it and I’m completely exhausted now-def blaming the alcohol! It really was fun-hard work but fun! Wouldn’t have said I was fit
      Enough either the aching and bruises over the following days proved that x


  2. Alice W says:

    Woohoo congratulations on winning the little and fierce competition, very exciting 🙂 the shots from your garden look great, just in time for all this warm weather! Hope you’re having a good weekend xx


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