(Ordinary Moments 15) *No 13* My Other Half

This weeks ordinary moments are about times spent with my other half……

Me and B have been together 9 years, married for almost 4 and parents for almost 2.5 years.
We both run our own businesses and very rarely spend much time together, where we’re not in silence as so exhausted.
Since having Little B, we’ve juggled childcare with the help of grandparents and are generally knackered as soon as we sit down together, usually at about 10pm.

Well we moved house last weekend (if you hadn’t noticed) and every night this week we have sat in our garden to eat dinner! We have chatted about our day, discussed our many ideas for the new house and generally found time for each other,
even though it’s been absolutely manic.

I’ve completely loved it! 

I haven’t missed watching TV, it does mean, however I haven’t kept on top of my blog reading at all, which is a little sad but I can catch up with that! Along with my pile of paperwork-reports, show planning, advertising and general admin etc.

Sitting back and enjoying the chance to Remember B is my best friend, the man I want to spend the rest of my life with, has been wonderful and cheesily has made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I’d almost forgotten why we were together when we simply existed alongside each other. I know that sounds a little drastic and we weren’t in trouble or anything, It’s just been so nice to regroup, to talk about our future and get excited together about a joint venture rather than our very different careers.
He generally doesn’t get excited about my students winning first place at festival nor I at why a shower valve wouldn’t fit properly (yes both of these happened this week).

This house has already turned into a little joint project that has brought us even closer and I love it!

Ordinary Moments - MummyDaddyMe

Thanks for reading My Ordinary Moments. I am linked up with Katie at mummydaddyandme and hopefully this week I’ll get to read some more blog posts! Thanks for having me Katie Xx

10 thoughts on “(Ordinary Moments 15) *No 13* My Other Half

  1. Carie says:

    Oh how lovely! We bought some furniture for our garden last summer and it’s been one of the best decisions we made, I love sitting out long into the evening just chatting and planning the future – now all we need is a really gorgeous hot long summer to go with it!


  2. Michelle (@AFamilyChatter) says:

    This sounds like me and my hubby! We occasionally cross on the stairs! We need to have a ‘re-group’ soon. We run a business together, so it’s very hard to just talk business all the time :(. It’s great that you moving has bought you even closer! x 🙂


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