(Little Loves 15) *No 11*

Welcome to this weeks Little Loves ……(this is my second attempt at writing it, as the post decided to ‘update’ for nearly 24hrs before I deleted and reinstalled the entire app on my phone-the pain of not having wifi yet). Bit gutted as I liked what was written….take 2!
Hope you’ve all had a fantastic week, My week has consisted of talking, dining alfresco and getting to grips with our new house!


Recycling information (seriously how many bins?), lots of paperwork to change our address and very little else.

I really need to find the time to run myself a bath and enjoy some chill out time, reading! I really miss our bathroom in the flat though (much nicer than this one, though B already has plans to change it – great to have a plumber hubby).

I must admit that’s about the only thing we do miss from the flat and we now have constant hot water (had 2 showers worth before) so I don’t miss it that much!


We’ve watched absolutely no TV this week. It’s been so strange. We’ve been sat outside in our garden, chatting eating dinner and enjoying each other’s company! Feels like we’ve had more discussions this week than the last 3 months-I love it. B has been at work so much earlier and home later due to so much work (always good new for a self emloyed plumber) and it still feels like we’ve spent more time together! Happy Gemma.

   Me with the wine, B with a cup of tea….Sounds about right!!


Some lovely well wishes for our new home from family, friends and some lovely bloggers on my posts! Thank you everyone, they are all really appreciated xx


Little B has been so excited about our new house! He keeps talking about ‘the big house’ it makes me realise we really did make a good decision! It’s that bit more money and we did wonder how we’re gonna do it, but seeing him so happy and realising the positive effects it’s already had on us in less than a week, makes me feel so content. It feels right!


To be honest, whatever we could find. It was a throw it in a bag/box and find it later, kind of move! And our clothes only went into our wardrobe yesterday. I think I was lucky to find clean pants daily to be honest!


Mussel and prawn spaghetti with tomatoes, mushrooms and garlic sauce. So quick and easy but scrummy!  It’s been so lovely to be eating outside in our new garden most nights!

And Lastly

With all of this going on ive ended up feeling really run down and poorly,  though having to carry on with everything. Not sure how that’s gonna go when I’m running the 7km Nuts challenge tomorrow -eek!! I’ll let you know how it goes …….


Thanks for reading and hopefully this time I am actually linking up with butwhymummywhy and will get a Moment to read some others!

Sorry I can’t seem to work out how to put the little loves photo on as its in my WordPress gallery not my phone! God I can’t wait for wifi again!!


Yey finally got Wifi-7th July.

6 thoughts on “(Little Loves 15) *No 11*

  1. butwhymummywhy says:

    So happy that you’re settling in well to your new home. Sitting in the garden in the evenings together sounds lovely, and I don’t know why we don’t do that more often.
    Hope you’re having a lovely week xx


  2. MumReinvented says:

    Sounds like your new home is going to be amazing (when you get your bathroom how you want it of course) and that pasta looks amazing. It’s lovely just sitting outside chatting and enjoying each others company isn’t it. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and hope the run went ok x


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Of course 😜 yes I’m very excited by it all! And it’s nice to see B with a project (other than work). It really is nice to be in each other’s company it feels like home already – except the huge mess x


  3. @SarahAnneDG says:

    Congratulations on your new home, I hope the upheaval is nearly over (though we moved in over a year ago and still have unpacked boxes in the garage!). I’m jealous of all your alfresco dining, if we did it here we’d either get rained on or eaten by midges!



    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Thank you!! We’ve been very lucky with he weather I must admit but looks like it’s gonna tip it down today! I have a feeling a few boxes may end up the same way-those things you can’t quite throw away but aren’t really sure what to do with! Have a great weekend x


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