(Little Loves 15) *No 9*

Welcome to this weeks Little Loves which includes Books about Underpants, Pointe Shoes and Meringue


Finally I’ve actually started re-reading ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’.
I haven’t read it since school and have been talking about rereading it, with Harper Lee’s new book coming out in July.
I’ve made myself go to bed early-well as early as possible (10.30) and read for a bit.
Unfortunately it usually means about 8 pages before i fall asleep, but I’m getting there.


Little B has been loving these two.
I must admit at my preschool i love to read ‘Aliens love Panta Clause’ by Claire Freedman at Christmas,
so was over the moon to hear there were 2 others.
I think I like reading them as much as he does.
However 5 times before 8am today of the Dinosaur one was a bit much.IMG_6080


The Last Gotham-gutted! A little behind I know.


To be honest I actually couldn’t tell you! Nothing exciting obviously!


I have been using this new moisturiser though.
Feeling exhausted and yes not doing enough exercise etc is causing my skin to feel under par so I got myself some nice moisturiser and I can feel the difference already.


Some very happy teenagers in class.
They were allowed to go and buy their first pair of pointe shoes over the half term holiday,
so this week I heard all of their stories about their experience and how excited they are.



Saffron Risotto
Should have been yellow came out pink-tasted good though!



This is one of B’s favourite meals – reminding him of his times in Greece.
However I’ve never been a huge fan, it always seems a bit too fatty and lemony.

Well we looked it up and realised 2 lemons was fine, over the 6 he’d used before
and I absolutely loved it!ย IMG_6204IMG_6205

Meringue, Whipped Cream and Raspberries and Strawberries. ย A gorgeous summery dessert!IMG_6182

And Lastly
We get the keys for our new house today!!!
Eek I’m so excited!!
Less excitedย by the fact that B is off on a stag do today so therefore leaving me to it (all booked pre moving)!
Luckily we have 10 days before we have to be out of our flat, so it’ll all be done in stages!ย 

Can’t wait to get in there and start making it ours!


Thanks for reading x

I’m linking up with Morgana at butwhymummywhy for her LittleLoves


19 thoughts on “(Little Loves 15) *No 9*

    • gemslittletreasures says:

      House move is finally done and although so much work still to go we are here! Have obviously not managed to pick my book up much this week but will get back to it again soon as I was really enjoying it x


  1. thenthefunbegan says:

    I hope your move has gone smoothly! Congratulations! I have found it difficult to get to bed early enough to read my book and I often ended up going to sleep way later then intended while I was reading The Girl on The Train! The kleftiko sounds lovely – I love lamb cooked the Greek way and I’m always obsessed with having Mediterranean food during the summer months – it just makes me feel like I’m really *participating* in the season! Hope you had a lovely weekend X #littleloves


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Thank you yes it has just!! A huge mess to sort but so nice to be in ๐Ÿ˜ƒ I love Mediterranean food and always love to experiment or the hubby does anyway. I love the whole participating in the season idea it’s so true x


  2. A Little Londoner says:

    What a lovely round up! I really enjoyed reading this. In dying for Amelia to start ballet, but they won’t take her until she is three here. I read To Kill A Movkingbird at school too, you have inspired me to repurchase and read! All that food looks incredible, I lived in Greece for a year, love the food but I hate lamb, and the Greeks love their lamb!
    Huge congrats on the house, no doubt ye will be busy with the move!! Have a great week xxxxx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Thank you I’m so pleased you enjoyed reading ๐Ÿ˜€ we take from 2.5 but that’s always an interesting class! I’m wishing I could get into it more but too much going on, I’m sure I will after the move! We’re a very foodie family I must admit-Bs fault! I used to be awful with cooking and food was just sustinence now it’s a lot more! Yes they do love their lamb-made it a little difficult for you then ๐Ÿ˜€ thank you-yes it’s going to be manic and exhausting but so worth it. Have a good week x


  3. MumReinvented says:

    Ha ha my other half always seems to mysteriously disappear when we have moving boxes to unpack (and we’ve moved A LOT!). Hope you’ll be very happy in your new home. I’m with B I love kleftiko, haven’t had it for years! Have a great weekend x


  4. Angela Milnes says:

    Atticus Finch! I remember him from my high school years too! ๐Ÿ™‚ You do such amazing things! It sounds so fun. Congrats on getting a new home! Good luck moving in!

    Angela from Daysinbed.com


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Wow never heard anyone say we do amazing things-thanks! Cheers for the congrats, now just to get through the next 10 days of cleaning, moving and sorting. Tired already just thinking about it! Have a great weekend x


  5. Life as we know it says:

    Happy new house! I hope moving goes smoothly and you are soon settled. I love the picture of the ballet shoes. I would’ve loved to do ballet but I’m much too tall and ungainly. In my dreams I am elegnat and graceful though! I hope your weekend isn’t too hectic x


  6. lifeatthelittlewood says:

    How exciting about your new house Gemma!! I really hope moving goes well this weekend lovely. My eldest little girl is a ballet dancer and asks me every week after class when she’ll be able to get her pointe shoes. It will be an exciting day when that happens! ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Thank you! It’s going to be an interesting one but getting excited now! I think every little ballerina dreams of that day I know I did ๐Ÿ˜ƒ have a good weekend! I hope your interview and house article went well?! X


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