May Half Term

It was Half Term last week (apologies for the hugely slow post but when i get back into work, the days just fly).

It was a super busy but chilled week.
We didn’t do anything particularly exciting,  but the week just flew by.


I usually work on a Friday and my mum has little B but it was an inset day (Lucky Me)
so Mum came over to us instead and helped me start the packing.
Until that point I had seriously done nothing.  I literally mean nothing (at this point only 2/3 weeks to go)


I suppose we should take him with us-what do you think?


Super chilled day of doing what I was told by little man.  Its about time he called the shots hey?


Mummy you must sit and snuggle with me and yes you must have a dummy too.
The things you do to try and get your little one to chill out and nap!

Scrummy Pork Belly dinner, Brand New Vanilla and Oatmeal Candle and a glass of red
(I haven’t quite moved onto my summery Rose yet)


B was off playing golf with a friend he hasn’t seen in a while, so me and Little B headed over to a friends to sort out our storage unit.  She runs the Youth Theatre that works alongsde my school and we share a unit of costumes/props/set.  We then went back to her house and planned our next few shows and watched old show DVDs, it was such a lovely day and we didn’t leave there till 9pm.


We all needed a Costa to get us through the boxes and boxes of stuff!


This was Bank Holiday and B had a ton of work to catch up on, so me and Little B headed off to a Family fun day at Shardeloes Farm Equestrian Centre with my Sister, Nephew and Niece.
Unfortunately Little B was too young to ride a pony but he enjoyed brushing and stroking them.



I had to work 10-4 doing private lessons as we’ve got festivals (dance competitions) throughout the weekends in June.
Little B went to his Nanny’s, where he spent the day with his Auntie and Cousins and then we had a quick catch up over a cuppa in the evening, when I picked Little B up.


A Park Day.
The weather was really nice and we spent about 3 hours in the two parks local to our house.
Little B already seems bored by the younger playground and wants to be doing all the hard stuff.
I think i may have a bit of a daredevil on my hands.



Little B and Daddy built a castle for the lego tiger!

Loving this quote!
Actually got a little bit of time to get a handful of work done.


I taught my normal Legs, bums and Tums class for my lovely 70+ yr old ladies and then we went up to a different park.
We happened to be just across the road from a Costa where my stepmom and little sister were,
so we popped in and had a coffee before heading back to the park for some playtime.
Little B loves a slide but a tube slide seems to scare him.
At this park there is a big one and I said to my little sis, who’s only 6, if she could try and get him to go down on her lap, because I knew he’d love it if he could pluck up the courage.
He’d walked back down the stairs earlier and on every other occasion,
this time however he went down completely unaided and then continued to do this for the next 30 mins and longer if I’d allowed.



However lunch and a nap were needed!

Nice to say that the naps are back since I wrote this about him seemingly wanting to drop them.


My mum came back over (Friday again) and brought my nephew with her. While the boys played we got on with more sorting and packing.  She really motivated me to get a move on and actually organise, throw away etc.
When she left, me and B continued into the evening, cleaning the bathroom,
sorting our wardrobe of old and too small clothes etc.



Our landlord was over with a few people, measuring up and planning the new kitchen, flooring and decorating, thats happening as soon as we move out in a few weeks – typical hey! We’ve been here 9 years and all the good stuff happens the day after we move out!  So we hung around the house and did some more sorting.


Unfortunately visitors meant having to get out of my pjs and enjoying more cups of tea!IMG_6181Saffron Risotto.  It didn’t quite turn out the colour it was supposed to.
Can you see the yellow? Yep mine was more pink?


Meringue, whipped cream and strawberries and raspberries-just a little treat!


Miserable weather and B had to go out and do a few jobs
so me and Little B had a lazy pj morning, headed to the park for a bit and cooked a yummy dinner for us all to sit down and enjoy together-i say that but Little B refused to eat any of it!


My little man picked me some flowers and melted my heart.



So as I said …… a completely boring non descript week.

But I got a few good photos and enjoyed a couple of days out, as well as lots of cuddles and playtime with my little man.

To me thats perfect, as this type of thing doesn’t happen very often.I’m sorry to say that i really do live for my weekends and holidays to do these ‘boring’ things with my family!

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